Meghalaya, 'the abode of clouds' is a beautiful state nestled amid Assam and Bangladesh. It is one of the most beautiful states in North-East India and is a paradise for nature lovers. Well-known for Cherapunjji, the place that receives one of the highest rainfalls in the world, the state filled with huge hills, valleys, and many lakes, captivating waterfalls, pith dark caves, and sacred forests; there is no dearth of tourist places in Meghalaya.

Travellers can expect panoramic views, foggy hills, terraced slopes, cascading waterfalls, and serpentine rivers mesmerising the soul. When it comes to taking back something, you are going to be satisfied with your bag of golden moments turning into memories besides you can also take the brilliant handicrafts of the state.


Meghalaya is the homeland mainly of Khasi, Jaintia and the Garos. They are collectively known as the Hynniewtrep people predominantly inhabit the districts of East of Meghalaya, also known to be one of the earliest ethnic groups of settlers in the Indian subcontinent. Garos inhabited the Garos. Khasi, Garo and Jaintia tribes each had their kingdoms until they all came under the British rule in the 19th century. Later in 1835 the British incorporated Meghalaya into Assam. On 16 October 1905 when Bengal was partitioned by Lord Curzon, Meghalaya becomes a part of the new provenance of 'Eastern Bengal and Assam.'

During independence, Meghalaya constituted two districts of Assam and receive limited autonomy within the state. On 2 April 1970, Meghalaya was created as an autonomous state and on 21 January 1972, the full-fledged state of Meghalaya came into existence.


Meghalaya is flourished in culture and tradition, it has many art and craft forms. It is a land of diverse tribes and races of people living in harmony.

Art and Craft- Meghalaya is one of the seven north-eastern states famous for its exquisite bamboo and cane product, weaving and wood carving. All three tribes of the state the Garos, Khasis and the Jaintias are apt in making several of cane and bamboo products and in weaving.

Songs and Music- The Khasis and Jaintias are mainly fond of songs; they use different types of muscle instruments like drums, guitars and instruments similar to pies, flutes, cymbals, and guitars.

Festivals- Nongkrem Dance is a religious festival celebrated for a good harvest, peace, and prosperities in thanksgiving to god. Shad Suk Mynsiem is one of the most important festivals of the state, it is an annual thanksgiving dance held in Shillong in April.

Cuisine- Jadoh is a very famous dish among the Khasi community of the state. It is mainly appetizing because of its rich and unique colour. Another dish is Doh-Khlieh, it is a delicious salad made out of minced pork, onions, and chilies. Nakham Bitchi is also a popular dish taken before meals and served to guests.


Mawlynnong Village

Asia's cleanest village, Mawlynnong Village is one of the most serene and humbling choices for a retreat. Here, you get some nearest natural wonders of the northeast, like the Mawlynnong waterfall that is a sight to behind, pushing its way through lush vegetation and descending into clear water.

Living Root Bridges

Probably the most famous attraction of Meghalaya, Living Root Bridges are some astonishing made-made natural wonders, deep in the dense tropical forest and shrouded in cloud and rain for much of the year.

Dawki Town

Located at the border of India and Bangladesh in West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya, Dawki Town has the Dawki Tamabil suspension bridge and clean water of the Umngot River that makes the town a must-visit place in Meghalaya for nature lover and travellers.

Shillong Peak

Plan to visit Shillong Peak, the highest viewpoint and get a stunning view of the surrounding hills and valleys. It is located at an elevation of 6449 feet and mainly surrounded by fog offers 360-degree bird's eye view of the distant hills, Shillong city and plains of Bangladesh.

Mawphlang Village

Take a tour around the heritage village, the Mawphlang Village and get an insight into the tribal life. Located in the East Khasi hill, the village is surrounded by lush greenery and lofty mountains. The breathtaking landscapes will surely make your jaw drop in awe.

Also, Botanical Garden, Bishop Falls, The Grand Medina Mashed, Krum Lit Pram Cave, Garo Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Nortek National Park and Balphakram National Park are some mesmerizing places to visit in Meghalaya.

How to Reach Meghalaya

Airway- The state has an airport just about 35 km from Shillong named Umroi airport. Besides, there is also Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati at a distance of 128 km from Shillong.

Railway- Meghalaya does not have its railway station; the nearest is in Guwahati and one can take a shared cab or taxi from here.

Roadway- It has great connectivity not only within the state but also with neighbouring states. Going to some places might get a bit challenging in monsoons otherwise there is no problem in going anywhere, anytime.

All in all, this overwhelmingly charming, green and alive state makes a perfect holiday destination and can be thoroughly enjoyed by all. The best time for the Meghalaya tour is from October to June. During these months, the weather is extremely pleasant and perfect to enjoy the tour. Plan your Meghalaya tour and explore some jaw-dropping and spell-binding wonders of nature here!

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