5 Successful E-commerce Chatbots to In Action 

5 Successful E-commerce Chatbots to In Action 

5 Successful E-commerce Chatbots to In Action 

  1. Argomall

Argomall is a Philippines' ecommerce giant that sells consumer goods. Their chatbot allows the customers to know all the key details of Argomall like details of delivery. A customer can also ask questions and have a conversation with the support agent of Argomall.

Purpose of this chatbot

  • For smooth-running of the sale process
  • Allowing buyers to chat with the agent during the sales process, this improves the customer support experience.

One key feature of Argomall's chatbot is that it enables Google search API which allows customers to search keywords like 'IphoneX' and the result from their store will pop-up.

  1. LEGO

LEGO's chatbot solves a big problem for the customers i.e. selecting the right gift, they call it 'Ralph'. Their chatbot gives customized recommendations to every user directly in messenger. It asks a few questions first like, your location, how old the person is and your budget. Once you answer these questions it will recommend gifts for you. After having all the details, it also allows you to choose the theme of the product you want to buy like travel, planning, adventure or something else. Once the customer selects the product of their choosing, it adds the product to their cart on lego's website so that they can make a purchase.

  1. Decen Muebles Infantiles

The Decen Muebles Infantiles sells baby furniture and their chatbot helps in selling them. The bot shows you some videos of company products, after this, it asks you "how can we help?" Then it shows you a short option of the menu which includes:-

  • Customer service
  • Digital assistant
  • Catalogue viewing

This bot allows the website to give you a personal sales approach as they used in their expos otherwise most of the products will be lost on the website. Bot asks a variety of questions that allow it to show exactly what kind of product the customer is looking for even before showing matched items.

4. Hello fresh

The name of the chatbot of Hello fresh is 'Freddy' which is used to reduce the wait time for buyers. Freddy can give a response to almost any customer problems and most of the customers get their problems solved even before talking to the customer support person. The main purpose of this chatbot is to give customer support but it has many interesting options as well like:-

  • A reminder option that tells the customer to complete their order.
  • Recommending Spotify playlists to give you something to hear
  • Daily updates & news from Hello fresh.

This bot helps to increase engagement with users and give customers wonderful user experience.

  1. Bot Burger

Bot burger is a unique but simple bot that helped in delivering burgers to people in Paris on the nights of Friday and Saturday between 9 pm to 5 am. It allows customers to order burgers directly without visiting the store or their website. It started as an experiment.

The idea behind this was to make it quicker and easier for people to order without building any kind of app or website. Their Facebook page has huge fan bases who are highly engaged with them.
To start a conversation with bot burger, you just need to message them directly through any facebook post or facebook ad. Customers can order by just tapping the options or by natural language process. It also saves your details in case you want to order again so you don't have to put your details again.

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