Step by Step Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing

Step by Step Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to earn passive income. This allows you to earn a commission by referring the products of other companies on your digital platforms wither it is your website, YouTube channel or Instagram page. You can earn a handsome amount of commission from your home with a few clicks.  Below is a step-by-step guide to start affiliate marketing but before you get into, just go through the following reasons to be an affiliate marketer.

Reasons to be an affiliate marketeer

In this modern world where everyone is on the internet, it is easy to start earning commission through referring. Here are the reasons why you should be an affiliate marketer.

  • No inventory: – You will get the commissions by referring to a particular company's products or services online. In this, everything will be done by the company and you just need to refer.
  • Minimum investment: – You don't need to have a big budget to start affiliate marketing. The only investment you are going to make is for a domain and hosting for your website on which you are going to refer the products. You can also do content marketing by writing articles on the given products by yourself or by outsourcing.
  • Work from home: – You don't need to have a special degree to start affiliate; all you need is a basic knowledge, a laptop and the internet.

So, how to get started? How can you build a stable income through affiliate marketing? Below are the steps that will help you to build a passive income through affiliate marketing.

Decide a business model

There are usually two types of business models for an affiliate website, a resource site and a review site.

  • The resource site- In this, the website has all the information about the product and the industry. These websites are updated every week or month to give the latest information to the customers. The content will talk about the industry, products and the latest launches.
  • A review site – This type of site shows the reviews about the product or services of a particular company. One of the major advantages of these sites is that before a customer makes a purchase, they usually check the rating and reviews from different sites and you don't have to update the content regularly.

Choose your business model wisely.

Select a niche

Once you have chosen a business model, it's time for you to pick a niche. You need to select a niche which you like the most as you have to write or study about that product. It is also fine if you can pick a completely new category but make sure you get enough information about that.  Efforts you will put on your website is related to the niche you choose to work on.

Find affiliate networks

The best way to get the affiliate networks is to build a brand out of your website, start making high-quality content and connect with other bloggers in your niche. Some of the best affiliate networks are Amazon Affiliate, Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission junction. For beginners, Amazon affiliate will be the best network to start with.

Bring traffic on your website

Without traffic, website content is useless. If you want to generate a high amount of affiliate commissions you need to have high traffic on your platform. Develop some strategies to increase traffic. Optimize your website with SEO, create backlinks and send emails so you can get free traffic or use Google ads, Fb and Instagram ads for better-targeted audience.

Run ads

PPC or pay-per-click is the most important weapon in affiliate marketing. Having a good PPC ad can help you in increasing your commission from affiliate networks.

  • Must have in a PPC ad
  • A problem that the product will solve
  • Keywords through researching
  • A call to action button

What you need to learn?

In this article I have written Step by Step Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing, but it is the elementary points. I will personally recommend to learn more about Affiliate Marketing. Without proper knowledge it is very hard for you to make a stable passive income. Provide value with your content and traffic will flow. You need to be very patient while doing affiliate marketing as the you will not be successful overnight. Learn about the niche and product you are going to promote and make the right strategy.

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