Here we all are, sitting at our homes, already one week into the quarantine phase working from home. We have decently survived the week and are gradually getting used to sitting at home and doing our work from with bedroom comforts.

But having said that is it as easy and mellifluous as it sounds, hopefully. But what's even more interesting to know is that for all those people who are working from home, your travel time is saved and to the ones who were in a job where you cannot do much sitting at home, well what are you planning to do over these days of quarantine in a time when the state is facing a national emergency.

Clearly the situation isn't as ideal as it sounds, of-course there are a million hiccups that you must be facing in your daily routine that you still trying to get around, but that doesn't mean life has to stop. You can continue living, of-course keeping in mind that it is a health emergency on a national level, and you cannot get out but well, you have a house and family with you. And keeping the situation in mind and if you already do not have a plan to fir in your quarantine period, here are a few things and ideas that you can basket to make sure the walls of your house don't start to eat your head away, take a tour of the following things and pick what makes the most sense to you;

Make a call: Remember those days when calling a friend was still in fashion, do that in these few days. And no, the recommendation is not to do it socially, don't network with them, make a call, talk to your loved ones, share some funny experiences and hear some time living the good old days of talking on the phone. You will realize how much more fun it is now when you have all the time in the world to yourself.

Keep a health check: The government has put a ban on going out, or to the gyms, they haven't asked you to not work out, so don't look for escapes or reasons to not work out. The physical activity obviously is comparatively more when you are hustling between work and home, so make sure if not as much you still are putting your body through the necessary amount of physical movement. Don't turn into a couch potato and jeopardize your health further, we anyway are in the middle of a national health crisis, the coronavirus. Keep your immune system good, eat healthy food, workout and ensure that you are drinking a lot of water.

Pick a book: If you are a reader and haven't been getting enough to catch up on that book you planned to read, this is your time, read that book. And if you aren't someone who indulges in books, pick small articles or something informative to read, this helps. It'll keep you informed about what's happening around the world or even otherwise. You can also pick on reading something in fiction, this will keep your mind off all the negativity happening around you and keep the mind sane.

Watch some series: The good thing about being in quarantine is that you can catch up on a lot of good series that streaming services have decided to showcase on the web keeping in mind that people will not be able to get out. Go online and search what is the kind of series that suit your interest and finish all that off in this time, imagine the amount of series you will be able to finish off and the fun you will have with your loved ones.

Learn: Try learning something new, there are so many videos that people keep posting online for everyone to learn a new activity, art, instrument, literally anything. These videos are of great help and the best part is you can play, pause and replay at your own whim and fancy. Play it as many times you want, perfect your art these days at your hand. And come out as a new person.

Cook something: Regardless of where you are living, who you are living with, be it your family, be it your friends or alone, don't worry. Take some time out, cook something, try your hand at making something that you love eating, make something for your loved ones, have a healthy meal and see the people around you brightening up on the idea of it. And if you already are someone who loves to cook, then well, brush your skills, make what you used to when you had the time and now you don't have the same anymore. You are away from work pressure, enjoy a plateful of delectable goodness prepared from your hands.

We hope we have managed to boil down a few things for you to do while you are in quarantine and this will keep you busy while you are juggling between the work hassles and the family all at once. This too shall pass, make it worth the while.

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