How to get access to blocked Torrent resources?

How to get access to blocked Torrent resources?

In the current reality, the number of blocked resources is growing every day, and this trend exists for a reason. This is in response to the rise in piracy on the Internet, with ISPs around the world working hard to block web resources that continually violate rules and regulations.

Content creators and copyright holders everywhere try to restrict access to all kinds of torrent resources. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some users, there are a huge number of such resources, and we can even say that they appear faster than they blocked or closed. Most providers often receive direct directives to block such a resource from local authorities or special authorized commissions.

It is also worth noting that there are ways to bypass such restrictions and gain access to blocked or limited resources (for users).

5 effective ways to gain access to blocked torrent resources (Bypass Torrent).

Using an alternative network to connect

The first and most obvious solution to this problem is an alternative connection network. Often, local ISPs and network firewalls use the most basic block of access to a specific set of resources. This can often be found in places where there is a public network (cafes, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers, etc.).

Such network restrictions apply to the incoming and basic connection, so you can connect to the resource and start downloading using another network, and then connect to the one that was used earlier and fully download the resources you are interested in as a user.

Note: This method works only in cases of a weak firewall; security specialists implement the necessary protocols so that this method simply does not work. But why not give it a try?

Change DNS server

In particular, Internet service providers use DNS-level access restrictions. DNS is an acronym for "Domain Name System" which is used to obtain an IP address from a hostname and thereby restrict torrent resources. And this actually works because Internet providers, by default, impose on users the use of DNS servers, the work of which they directly regulate.

However, changing the DNS to public can help solve this problem and provide access to torrent sites.

The following are popular and public DNS servers that are used everywhere:

  • Google DNS: |
  • OpenDNS: | 208.67,220,220
  • Comodo DNS: |

You can easily change the DNS server in the network settings and after a little manipulation you will get access to all web resources that are blocked by your Internet provider.

How to change DNS server on different OS:

Windows: Go to network settings, click on RMB> Properties> Ipv4 version; well, after that we just change the DNS server and click OK

MacOS: Go to system settings, select "Network" and find the network in use, click "Advanced", select the DNS category, click the plus sign, add a new DNS server and click OK.

Linux: Select network settings> edit connections> ipv4 settings> automatic addresses (DHCP)> DNS server; and after that add new server addresses which should be separated by commas.

Using free VPNs

If the above listed methods seem very complicated to you and you do not position yourself as a computer specialist, then you can always use an alternative method in the form of using VPN technology. This technology is used to encrypt and hide your IP address.

In essence, the VPN conducts your IP through special channels and creates the appearance of your presence in another state, so you can easily access blocked resources.

There are tons of VPNs available, but there aren't many good ones. Two resources fall under the recommendation: Cactusvpn and RusVPN. Both resources work reliably and show themselves only from the best sides.

But the level of security of RUSVPN is significantly different from analogs, as it uses the most advanced security technologies.

Using Premium VPN

The main advantage of using premium VPN is undoubtedly its reliability, which is higher than that of the free version. In addition, it is worth noting the stronger data encryption, and the lack of recording of user activity on the Internet.

How do you get started with paid benefits? The answer is quite simple, just register and buy a subscription. After that, install it on the device or router you are interested in.

But if you want your money to work for you, and you are provided with the best protection on the Internet, then you should buy RusVPN starting at $ 2.99 / month. This resource will give you everything you need for safe surfing on the Internet for a small cost.

Using ZbigZ or Seedbox Premium

Seedbox is a relatively new technology in the information technology world. If all the previous options dealt with resource access problems, this product is a virtual server with the ability to download and upload torrents of interest to you.

A similar mechanism works in the rather well-known service Dropbox, the difference is that if in Dropbox it is essentially a file sharing service for simple file sharing, and ZbigZ and Seedbox use exclusively torrent files in their activities, and in essence is a torrent file sharing service.

The main feature of this technology is its special and even unique data transmission capabilities.

And blocking it is such a problematic process that it is simply easier to ignore it now, otherwise you will have to restrict all network access.

The paid version essentially removes most of the limits on upload and download, which significantly optimizes data transfer processes.

The question is, what are your goals as a user? Piracy or just enjoying a new movie on the cozy couch.

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