Exclusive Talk with Best-Selling Author Sabarna Roy About Fractured Mosaic

Sabarna Roy has marked his unique presence while balancing a successful engineering career seamlessly for the past decade
Exclusive Talk with Best-Selling Author Sabarna Roy
Exclusive Talk with Best-Selling Author Sabarna Roy

Critically acclaimed Best Selling Author, Mr Sabarana Roy with incredible books in his own right has now gifted book fanatics his 7th literary work. In the exclusive and unfiltered conversation with Purnima Narang, Editor, The CEO Magazine, we uncovered various aspects of his journey and learned about his new book, Fractured Mosaic.

In the world of literature, Sabarna Roy has marked his unique presence while balancing a successful engineering career seamlessly for the past decade. Even though his journey as a published author incepted a few years ago, Sabarna shared the love for writing since his teenage. “I have been writing since the age of 13-14 years, journals.”

Unconventional, critical, and articulate, Sabarna has been navigating this voyage on the mental compass of striving to express his unfiltered thoughts through paper and pen. Along with this constant, he has learned the lesson of shedding profound English for lucid, understandable and comprehensible to appeal to a larger audience.

Early Life and The Writing Bug

Sabarna’s affair with writing began long before he became a celebrated author. His first writing experience dates back to his teenage. He started journaling at the young age of 13-14 years and wrote half or one page of his thoughts in his journals.

“Since 1980, I have been trapping every day of my life in the format of a journal,” he mentioned. Sabarna spends his formative years, not in Calcutta, his present home, but Ludhiana. From Sacred Heart Convent School, eventually, as his father was transferred back to Kolkata in 1982, he was admitted to Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission school, one of the most reputed institutions in Calcutta.

Engineering and Publishing 1st Book

In 1984, Sabarna joined Jadupur University to complete his engineering education. He became a qualified and trained Civil Engineer in 1988 and joined the corporate world. However, the tale of publishing books for Sabarna started in his college.

His first published literary work was a book of poems in 1986 with a gift of Rs. 200. Like many visionaries, who achieve milestones ahead of their times, he wrote a book when writing in English was not majorly accepted in society. He travelled beyond that horizon and sold all the 250 copies that were sold out in Jadavpur University, Presidency College, and St. Xavier. This was one of many bookselling records he would set in the future.

Adding to his interdisciplinary learning background, Sabarna’s exposure to comparative literature during his engineering days at Jadavpur university, added to his writing journey. Jadavpur university apart from Usmania University was the only university to have a comparative literature stream.

Although he was dating girls from the comparative literature stream, over a period of time, he was in a serious relationship with literature. He uncovered and learned about Greek tragedy comparative literature, stream of consciousness style of writing, Latin-American Literature, Spanish Literature, and the epics.

A Visionary’s Outlook on Stereotypes

While, today, a huge population of Indian students travel to engineering colleges, their creativity is often visible in college events and festivals. However, the distinguishing line between creative and technical worlds seems to still exist in various minds. Sabarna embodies someone who has been diligently and seamlessly managing both passions for decades now.

“Creative Arts exist to puncture the holy curtain and unravel what lies behind the holy curtain. 30 years back, when I was growing up, when the first AIDs case was reported in America was the first time I came across homosexuality. It has taken me a long time to understand LGBTQ+ relationships, however, this stereotype has been broken in my generation. Even though they remain in different parts of the society,” Sabarna shared his outlook on arts as a tool to overcome stereotypes.

He added, “The technological world has changed radically. In the mid-’80s, what we call the Internet today, started as Intranet which was adopted first by the US military in 1986. Today, we cannot live without the internet and covid-19 has amplified the digital revolution. People who against technology had to adopt the same, those who were against the minority sexual choices had to confront the same. As the world will become more digital, you will find issues of fidelity decrease and polyamory will increase.”

Fractured Mosaic

The 7th literary work of Sabarna Roy, with a unique title, Fractured Mosaic is a book produced by arranging several small pieces of opinions on several distinct topics, similar to the colourful patterns made up of several stones. Fractured Mosaic is a kaleidoscopic book of various genres and formats. He has included political opinions, movies and book reviews, stories, poems, his interview with Forbes India, workshops with Engage India and Jazz Group of Institutions.

“You a slice of who I am as a man through Fractured Mosaic. The book has been structured in a way that it looks random but by the end, you will feel the mysterious pattern, just like a human mind works.”
Sabarna shared his views on Fractured Mosaic.

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