Understanding mother centric approach, IFC gives you the very best chance of having a baby

Understanding mother centric approach,  IFC gives you the very best chance of having a baby

Understanding mother centric approach,

IFC gives you the very best chance of having a baby

Being a mother has been a real joy for every woman. Fertility stories are always filled with emotion and uncertainty – childless couples who would make great parents, thrifty insurers who refuse to pay for treatments even though infertility stems from a medical problem, and ethical dilemmas that would make Hippocrates' head spin. To bring efficiency and certainty in fertility system, IFC or International Fertility Centre was incepted and has positioned itself strongly among the very few reputed fertility clinics.

IFC or International Fertility Centre is one of India's leading fertility clinics providing a wide variety of fertility treatments ranging from basic infertility care to the most advanced in Vitro fertilization (IVF) technology available today. IFC was co-founded by a duo of Mother-Son, where mother is Dr. Rita Bakshi and son is Dr. Sarthak Bakshi. IFC's inception story sets an example of success.

Since its inception in 2012, IFC has achieved national recognition for clinical excellence and advanced research in the field of reproductive treatment. Today, the IFC network has around hundred professional staffs dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream of having a baby. IFC's customer centric approach has seen great success and built a name for it by reaching out over thousand surrogacy patients and four thousands IVF patients in this short span.

The CEO Magazine loves to share success stories with its readers to make them updated and thus we decided to have a conversation with Dr. Sarthak Bakshi – CEO of IFC.

Dr. Sarthak Bakshi, in the longue with Abhishek Dubey – Editor at The CEO Magazine

Despite some advances, Healthcare services & patient ratio is still ailing. What role your organization is playing in healing this situation?

It is a matter of concern that in spite of a number of health care centers opening up in the country the ratio is still poor and this creates an undue pressure on the existing infrastructure and facilities. It is for this reason, that we have adopted the franchise model and intent to open up as many as 100 centers in the country by 2020 if not more. In doing so, we will be making the dreams of infertile couple come true, no matter which part of the country they live in. The idea is to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices in a place that is easily accessible.

Please throw some light over the services offered by the company.

We offer comprehensive infertility treatments to our patients starting right from the infertility workup. The other services include IUI, IVF, gynecology, Natural cycle IVF, IVF program, ICSI, cryopreservation, blastocyst, assisted hatching, PGD, PESA/TESA, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and egg donation services.

What sets your company apart under the medical domain? How do you plan to make your mark in the industry?

It is the age of knowledge and innovation and ignoring any one of these aspects may lead to stagnation and failure. Keeping in line with this principle, I have sourced authentic equipments to be used in Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) and have collaborated with a number of foreign organizations to nurture our ART labs with world class, top notch technology. Once the knowledge front is taken care of, it is innovation that I looked at. I have made sure that our business model is diversified and there are three business models that we operate on, currently. The first model involves the establishment of our own centres, second includes the IVF centres being outsourced to us from different hospitals and the third model is where we revitalize the existing dysfunctional IVF centres and contribute towards better treatment. Such new innovations have also helped patients repose a trust in us and our services. The cutting edge technology in our labs helps us in imparting the best training to candidates, thus securing the quality of long term future of such practices and treatments.

What's unique about the team?

We call in experts from the industry and our counterparts from the joint venture hospitals and hold sessions for the dissemination of information about the new advancements and developments in the arena and about IVF practices. Additionally, we also encourage dissemination of information online.

IFC encourages communication between individuals and facilitates it through technological assistance, regular trainings and workshops. Senior employees lead a training session every Wednesday to update their peer in their area of expertise. This helps in horizontal learning and allows the organisation to optimize employees' strengths.

Brief us on the milestones and accolades earned by during its journey.

In the short span of its existence, IFC has made its strong mark in the arena and has achieved some of the most prestigious awards & accolades. In 2015, IFC was awarded the Best Upcoming IVF Award Chain, in 2014 it was voted as the Top Centre for Surrogacy in India, and in 2013-14 it received the Best of the Best IVF Centre Award.

Since its establishment in 2012, the number of centers has risen from 1 to 14.

IFC has handled more than 1000 surrogacy cases and more than 4000 IVF cases since 2012.

What route map has been laid out for company's journey ahead? What are the future plans of the organization?

The underlying idea for IFC was always making fertility treatments available to the maximum number of people. In this endeavor it is our intent to open up at least a100 centers by the year 2020, if not more.

Furthermore, we intend to expand on a global platform by opening up centers in the international market. In this direction we plan to forge partnerships with more experienced organizations, explore international funding opportunities and create a multinational culture within the organization. Further on we plan to expand in newer geographical areas like Ethiopia, Uganda, and Somalia etc before entering developed countries of the West.

What are some of the learning of being a unique platform in the Indian medical industry that you would like to share with other entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur in the medical field, it is important that your motivation come from your emotions. A balance of social and business cause will take you a long way. Like any other business, this also needs to earn profits, and for that you need innovation. A balanced combination of emotional motivation, innovation, and knowledge will take you to a better place as compared to just money and experience.

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