A boutique communications consultancy WordsWork LLP, founded in 2009 was initiated when the industrial scenario was still naive. There were only big fishes in the PR network offering homogenous solutions further creating a gap by the lack of niche or specialized players.

The company came with its own set of specializations in certain sectors, with a very deep-dived approach to PR while bridging the gap between what a brand's expectation is and what an agency is typically providing. Today, under the able guidance of Neha Mathur Rastogi, Founder, WordsWork, the firm's flat structure and values of agility, reliability, quality, and speed of service allow them to best address client needs.


Neha Mathur Rastogi – Founder of WordsWork LLP has over 15 years of experience in public relations, corporate brand communications, and media planning. She has spearheaded successful communications campaigns for brands ranging from lifestyle, corporate, public diplomacy to sports. She leads strategy and content for all WordsWork clients and enjoys getting into the thick of client servicing and delivery beyond expectations. She has considerable expertise across corporate, consumer and sports PR. Her strength is in enabling collaborations that impact the business. This could include cross leveraging clients and beyond, basis of her business network.

The CEO Magazine grabbed a chance to have an exhilarating conversation with the founder about the company, the corporate ethics, marketing scenario, plans, trends, and more;

How do you decide the best way of reaching the end-user, what's your preferred medium?

The mediums are ever-evolving, and the most intelligent way to reach the end-user is to understand how their behavioural patterns are. There are certain media which are more relevant for some than others, so it must be a customized approach every single time. The approach varies between direct communications, media and digital platforms.

Do the growing market trends and competition pressure tense you?

There is a lot of scope in a sector like PR where there are new competitors every day. The advantage of being a niche player is that you are competing in a certain sub-set where you grow more quickly, and you can compete with big companies with the kind of clients they may also have. It is certainly an interesting landscape, but I think competition keeps you on your toes and you must continuously evolve to stay relevant.

What problem does your firm solve that the business cannot by itself?

The biggest thing that we at WordsWork do is to help a business articulate its messages. Articulation is the core of any business's success in being able to communicate properly and effectively. So, our job is to make sure that whatever is the message that needs to be delivered is put across in the right way, which leads to effective solutions and for the betterment of the clients.

What are the challenges that your company faces in the present scenario?

The challenges that we face as a company and as an industry, is the inability to value ourselves higher in the marketing mix. PR is one of the most challenging parts of the marketing mix, where we need to editorially convince the media to write about our partners and clients. It is an evolving industry, however, the benchmark as far as pricing is concerned has not shifted and not gotten its due credit. Hopefully, this should be resolved as an issue that our industry faces, and we face as an individual company.

What is your current business model for a strategically designed PR service?

Our strategy has been very clear and straightforward. We are a very lean and agile team. We believe in only looking at specialized services that others may or may not be able to provide. We have a very "client-first" driven approach. Our business model is also divided into certain segments where we specialize in, and given the agility of the team, we believe in a no designation format of a firm where everyone has a very hands-on approach which leads to the overall development of the firm.

What nature of clients are you associated with?

Our clients vary from brands which are retail brands or luxury brands as well as corporate clients and sports. Within sports, it ranges from national federations, international leagues as well as domestic tournaments and events. We believe that we add value to their business and understand how PR can help them achieve their goals.

What's on the cards for your PR firm?

We want to grow bigger; we want to be bolder. We believe in collaborations so we would like to collaborate with like-minded partners to put ourselves on the global map soon. We have been fortunate to have very good partners in the past and that has helped us to grow nationally. We would like to take it international and find more collaboration in other countries as well.

With such a fast-growing team, how do you support the corporate culture?

We believe in a non-corporate and inclusive culture. We also believe that everyone in the firm irrespective of experience has the right to get as much exposure as possible. The idea is to keep the team motivated with exciting work and the passion that drives us to deliver the best service for our clients.

What are the achievements and awards earned by the company?

We have grown pretty quickly in the last decade. We now have 4 operating offices out of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Our team has won the 'Boutique Agency of The Year' award at the Fulcrum Awards in 2017. I, myself, have won the best PR professional in sports and luxury awards a couple of years before that. While we don't believe in spending too much time chasing awards, our best reward is the kind of clients that we have built over the years and the legacy that follows them.

What milestones are you looking to achieve in the forthcoming years?

As I said, we hope for building good international collaborations. We want to build further relationships with the media as well as other PR partners within the industry as well as outside the industry, going forward. We want to grow our strength in other cities to make it a far more inclusive, pan-India approach for the clients. We also want to further deepen our strengths in digital communications.

How has the journey been for the company so far? 

The company has had a very exciting journey over the past decade and beyond. We have started from scratch in an industry which was very vast and made a mark for ourselves very quickly. We found the industry to be inclusive and are happy to be part of PR as a sunrise sector.

How do you ensure quality and accountability in the corporate structure?

Within our corporate structure, quality and accountability is something that is driven by everyone. It is more of a given than something that needs to be mandated and we hope that will be the way forward for us in the future as well.

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

Having a clear vision is very important. Just diving into the deep end of the ocean may not be the best approach to starting a business in communications. But, be very specific as to what you want to achieve and what kind of clients you want to have. Also, the kind of services you want to provide, which are differentiated, are critical for you to think about and plan before you drive business in communications and PR.  

"Impactful articulation and an honest approach is our formula to create mutually valuable, innovative campaigns that meet business goals and add value to businesses."

Neha Mathur Rastogi

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