Every energy unit to be renewable, claims PuREnergy

Every energy unit to be renewable, claims PuREnergy

After the Paris Agreement, India has decided to increase the amount of electric power from clean energy resources to 40% by 2030. India's solar project has now surpassed 22 GW. Various initiatives have been taken by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in recent times. After subsidizing the cost of solar implementation in different remote areas, Government of India has shown interest insolar-powered equipment and applications that can be installed at hospitals, hotels as well as government offices.With this, solar manufacturing presents a tremendous market opportunity. Solar power producers and solar-technology firms like PuREnergy are keen to ramp up solar capacity. Their superior solar technology not only powers domestic appliances like fan, AC, light or lift – but also highly power-consuming industrial appliances.

PuREnergy was born with a vision to harvest solar energy from untapped areas, and making society to know about customer's environmental awareness and investments through smart solar systems. The startup believes that every energy unit to be renewable. Making a humble start in 2015 at IIT Hyderabad Technology Incubation Centre, solar manufacturing start-up PuREnergy has carved its own path to glorious successes month after month. Incubated by the experts at IIT Hyderabad incubated PuREnergy now employs a well coordinated team of over twenty people that includes energy experts, students, researchers and teachers. In just two years of its illustrious journey PuREnergy has crossed several milestones and now takes pride to make its footprints in Bengaluru. With an unflinching commitment to excellence and relentless passion to bring value to the businesses through innovative solar technology PuREnergy has emerged as a prominent name among renewable energy suppliers in India. The firm has already been chosen as the service provider by the prestigious players like pharmaceuticals companies, universities, hospitals, residential communities, NGOs and schools. All together PuREnergy has satisfied over hundred clients. With an experience of over 10 MW projects, PuREnergy is a leading player in designing and implementing innovative solar energy solutions to industrial as well as residential users.

"PuREnergy has been incubated from the IIT Hyderabad Technology Incubation Centre (i-TIC), where the start-up will have access to all infrastructural facilities of the premier institution, laboratories to carryout advanced R & D activities, data storage servers, high network bandwidth and indeed invaluable human resource capital in terms of faculty and students," said founder and MD.

PuREnergy : Quick Facts

With their renewable technology, every year PuREnergy has been saving 5000 tons of carbon, lakhs of tree and 1 Billion Litres of water.

So far PuREnergy has not raised a single penny from investors. The firm has generated revenue of more than 1 Million US dollars within of 18 months.

PuREnergy firmly believes in 'Prevention is Better than Curing' principle in their installation endeavors, which offers maintenance free experience.

Owing to its growth in recent times, PuREnergy has stepped on the gas as a catalyst for the nation's green energy initiative. The startup has taken the plunge to design smart hybrid solar energy solutions for industrial, commercial and residential users.

In 2015, the firm conducted a market survey among the people living and having their organization/business/universities/factories in urban areas. The key observations were:

  1. 92% responded confirmed to have power cut in their organization.
  2. Almost 100% respondents have diesel generator and UPS as a power backup system.
  3. Importantly less than 1% of respondents invested in solar energy.
  4. 65 % of respondents informed that "Lack of Smart Features and Software Based Service" is one of the reason for not having solar installation
  5. 38% of respondents informed that "Lack of Hybrid Solar Solutions, which can be integrated with Grid, Loads, UPS and Diesel Generator", so that their savings and comforts are maximum.
  6. 88% of residential and gated community clients informed that "Solar systems should run heavy appliances like Air Conditioners, Lifts, Geysers, Kitchen Utilities etc".
  7. Majority respondents (80%) indeed feel that society should know about their awareness and investments in the renewable energy.

" We started initially addressing point no five, where we started offering Hybrid solar solutions, and this segment has become our early customer base. Later, we ventured into the segments of smart solutions and running large scale utility based appliances with our solar systems.88 % respondents from point no. 6 (some common with 38% of 5) will also become our major early customers. Two premium products have been designed to capture this market: one for high end independent houses and another for apartments," said the MD and founder of PuREnergy.

Solar Tree by PuREnergy

A tree like structure which can harness solar energy, provides beautification to the landscape/premises and package multiple customer needs. The concept will achieve 90% of land saving compared to the equivalent traditional solar mounting systems. These Solar Trees would be a unique aesthetic solution to many organizations those who want to showcase their awareness about the environment and investment in renewable energy.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Within a shot span of time, the startup has become a prominent name for its Smart Hybrid Solution.

The solar system offered by this startup will have capability to function in all kinds of modes like Off-grid, on-grid, UPS power back up and DG synchronization. The savings will be enhanced by 30% compared to conventional systems. This can easily power loads like Air Conditioners, lifts, washing machine and kitchen utilities. Users who use this 24*7 energy independent system, do not need additional UPS or Diesel Generator System.

 IoT Based Data Monitoring and Alerts

Data reports on savings, power generation, carbon credits on daily,weekly and monthly basis.

Email Alerts on critical information such as power cuts, battery back up, over loading, voltage fluctuations etc

Continuous health monitoring and management of the system through software, will double the life cycle of batteries and inverter

Service issues are predicted earlier and will be prevented to avoid any damage

Through big data analytics, we will also predict the abnormal power consumption of major electrical appliances, internal wiring losses, unnoticed usage of electricity.

The man behind creating this renewable energy focused organization is none other than Dr Nishanth Dongari.Marie Curie FellowNishanth Dongarihas an avid interest in renewable energy. He has an impeccable track record of professional success in this area.

Finishing B. Tech. from IIT Bombay in 2007, Dr. Dongari worked in Germany for TSE Troller AG. Then he moved to UK after receiving the prestigiousMarie Curie Fellowship. Dr. Dongari has obtained his Ph. D. from Mechanical and Aerospace engineering in UK. Currently, he is working as an assistant professor at IIT Hyderabad.

His other prestigious honours include Marie Curie Prize Award, INSPIRE Faculty from Indian National Science Academy, Young Scientist Grant from DST and Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal.

How does PuREnergy help clients to generate power?STARTUP CITY asked to Prof. Dongari. 

" We will scan the existing energy solutions adopted by our potential clients identify and appropriate solar systems for them through our advanced design tools. Our concepts will achieve significant savings of land or rooftop space requirements, enhance energy yield by 20%, act as replacement to conventional UPS and DG sets and enabling smart monitoring with the services of data analytics," asserted Dr Nishanth Dongari, MD of PuREnergy.

AsIndia moves forward with an ambition that seeks to significantly scale up production of solar power, PuREnergy team is certain the startup is poised to change the landscape of renewable energy and bring about a disruption in the renewable energy sector.

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