SAFEXPRESS – Market Leader in Supply Chain & Logistics

SAFEXPRESS – Market Leader in Supply Chain & Logistics

Safexpress began its journey in 1997 with a mission of delivering logistics excellence to its customers and ensuring their success. Today, the certified company offering supply chain solutions has firmly entrenched itself as the 'Knowledge Leader' & 'Market Leader' of supply chain & logistics industry in India.

Safexpress offers a wide range of innovative supply chain services including Express Distribution, 3PL and Consulting. The firm provides value-added logistics services for 8 different business verticals ranging from Apparel & Lifestyle, Healthcare. And also to Hi-Tech, Publishing to Automotive, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics and Institutional.

Safexpress offers cutting edge logistics solutions to its customers, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. They are adding maximum value to businesses at every level with shifting services and relocation services. Right from providing world-class warehousing support to ensuring time-definite deliveries of goods anywhere in India.

The firm is delivering more than 80 million packages a year. Traversing over 6,00,000 kms a day. We have warehousing space of over 12 million square feet & operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Over 2500 employees have been working for the company.

With persistent high quality excellent services and using their years of experience in household shifting, packing materials, choosing SAFEXPRESS is the right move. The professional and best packers and movers in india will ensure safe delivery of your household goods while you can also avail car transportation services from the famous movers in India.


Safexpress offers innovative solutions which are designed to meet all the distribution requirements of an organization. It meets through its fully integrated surface, air and multimodal infrastructure. Safexpress covers all 688 districts of India through its massive distribution network of 610 plus destinations. The company has a fleet of over 4500 GPS-enabled vehicles. Operating 365 days a year on more than 1000 defined routes across the country. The firm delivers in excess of 80 million packages to over 5000 corporates in India. Safexpress ensures time-definite safe deliveries to every square inch of the country.


Safexpress offers 3PL solutions ranging from designing, implementing to operating the complete supply chains of companies. These solutions help in reducing costs, streamlining delivery schedules and enabling organizations to focus on their core competencies. The firm has expert teams capable of addressing an organization's complete 3PL needs. Which bring on board rich experience and best practices from various industries. The services offered include inventory management, packaging, labeling and reverse logistics. The 3PL services are supported by a total warehousing space of over 12 million sq. ft. across India.


Safexpress provides value-added services beyond physical operations, in the form of supply chain consulting. The team of consultants is vastly experienced and offers global know-how. The best practices and cutting edge technology solutions, to make an organization's supply chain model more dynamic. Safexpress creates strategies which focus on processes & technologies required to drive growth and profitability. The consulting services include planning, strategizing, network designing as well as end-to-end supply chain implementation.


SafeAir is the Air Cargo service of Safexpress. It offers the fastest & safest way to deliver goods within the committed delivery time to any part of the country. This service meets the most demanding requirements, irrespective of the consignment size, origin or distribution. The service is backed by the organization's state-of-the-art infrastructure. And its massive distribution network, which covers every square inch of India. SafeAir provides extensive air and multimodal connectivity due to the company's association with Air Taxi Operators such as Jet Airways, IndiGo, Air India and SpiceJet.


Campus2Home is a campus logistics service which exclusively focuses on the distribution requirements of college students. It helps the students to manage their hassles related to baggage movement during their educational courses. To support students in packing their belongings, 20 Kg 'campus2home boxes' are provided free of cost. The services offer door pickup and delivery of the student's baggage. Free insurance, packaging and documentation support are highlights of the service. All these services is available at a call, an e-mail or even an SMS.


SafeReturns is a unique service offered by Safexpress which is specially targeted at companies participating in exhibitions, conferences and seminars. This service enables company delegates to make smooth exits by ensuring hassle-free returns of their firm's products after the exhibition is over.

SafeReturns provides pickups at desired times, i.e., when the event is over & provides door delivery to any place in India. The service is cost-effective with the option of To Pay freight. This service is provided by staff which is well-experienced in handling events.


Easy2Move is an unparalleled solution offered by Safexpress. This service is customized for SME's having less volume loads as well as for delivery of personal goods, promotional items. It also contains samples, boutique goods, stationary, consumables, gifts, spare items, etc. The service is ideal for movement of products not having industrial packing. This service offers door pickup and door delivery of goods. Free 20 Kg 'Easy2Move boxes' are provided under the service with the flat rate per box for any destination. This service is also useful for customers requiring help during office relocation of their businesses.


Safexpress honors the defense personnel and their families by offering special delivery services for their baggage. The nature of these defence personnel's job demands a lot of traveling and carrying heavy baggage, which is an arduous task. Safexpress provides the military personnel with free door pickup and door delivery of baggage anywhere in India. While these soldiers take care of our nation's safety, Safexpress takes care that their baggage are delivered in a cost-effective manner and safely. Safexpress does this by giving them special prices, easy payment options and inbuilt risk coverage.


Stock2Shelf enables multi-brand retail stores and shopping malls to function seamlessly throughout the year. This service ensures time-definite delivery, with the help of professionally trained crew that manages stocks along with the necessary documentation required to enter the malls.

Stock2Shelf offers comprehensive mall supply chain services, inclusive movement of retail and lifestyle goods. Also for inspection, estimation, professional packaging, security clearance, storage, destination delivery, unpacking, reassembling goods and reverse logistics.

Solution/Product Offerings / Business

As we are one of the best logistic companies in india, we offers a wide range of innovative supply chain services including Express Distribution, 3PL and Consulting. The firm provides value-added logistics services for 8 different business verticals ranging from Apparel & Lifestyle, Healthcare. It is also for Hi-Tech, Publishing to Automotive, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics and Institutional.

Safexpress offers cutting edge logistics solutions to its customers, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. The firm adds maximum value to businesses at every level. Right from providing world-class warehousing support to ensuring time-definite deliveries of goods anywhere in India. 

Differentiating Factors

Being hailed as the Knowledge Leader in the field of supply chain & logistics, we constantly innovate to provide our customers with the best. With the view to stay ahead of the competition, Safexpress has differentiated itself with the following innovative services:


Our significant focus goes upon reduction in Transit Time and looking at means of 'Cost-Transit Optimization'. We have also approached NHDP and NHAI with the objective of creating shorter routes with better road conditions. This will aid in minimizing damage to consignment and at the same time reduce transit time.


Safexpress is presently showing the way to growth to the other major players in the supply chain & logistics industry, by driving a Warehousing Revolution in the country. We are developing world-class warehousing facilities at key industrial hubs across India.


Safexpress was the first company in the Indian 'express cargo' industry to offer value-added services through Information Technology applications. The Company provides online real time information through its unique Track and Trace System. Safexpress has also established advanced Radio Tracking Technology through VSATs and Satellite Communication that monitors route vehicles by a Global Positioning System.


We use latest technology in our warehouses to provide our clients with the most efficient services. Our Logistics Parks are operational 24×7, 365 days in a year to provide 'time-definite' deliveries. Courtesy our seamless operations, we provide the fastest transit time.


The company has done an operational plotting of the entire country and offers services under the sub brand of 'Safextension'. It was the idea of a 'Network beyond a Network' that lead to the formation of Safextension. A Manual on the concept of Safextension was created with an objective to guide how one could reach all the cities of India through our Gateways. The Manual provides information on a predefined routing for delivery via a predefined gateway to a predefined city. This manual helps in streamlining our operations from the very first step. It is the first manual of its kind for India.


The brand has got strongly associated with IT as Safexpress has adopted unprecedented IT initiatives. The Company website – – features e-POD – electronic proof of delivery, which allows the customer to view a signed receipt of delivery for the consignment on screen and Virtual Cargo, an innovative planning tool.

The most significant innovation has been the combined services as an end-to-end solution. Involving 3PL and Distribution services as a single window interface.


Apart from Door-to-Door time definite Surface cargo movement, Safexpress also provides SafeAir services and multi-modal connectivity. Along with Money Management Services and Integrated Logistics Solutions.


A critical factor in Safexpress' phenomenal growth has been the sheer innovation and scope of services offered, some being industry firsts.

The company pioneered the revolutionary SAFEBOX – a readymade packaging solution giving high value cargo added safety and security by surface and air mode.


Safexpress offers the option of 'Draft on Delivery' – a service through which the seller can dispatch goods through Safexpress to the buyer and be assured that the delivery would take place only once the draft has been collected.


Safexpress offers an unparalleled and unique All Risk Cover which is unmatched in the industry. In line with the motto, 'Custodians First Carriers Later', Safexpress provides a total cover, which insulates the seller and the buyer from any kind of damage, short-shipment or loss. The company settles the claim, provided the goods have been covered under carrier's risk with Safexpress. The Claim, if any, is settled within seven days on an unconditional basis.


One of the major factors of success of Safexpress is the adoption of a unique business model. The vast network of Safexpress is based on the franchise concept, forming a value chain of one-to-one relationships. Which are integrated in a seamless service chain through the company owned and operated network.

Key Executive

Mr. Rubal Jain (Managing Director)

  • Mr. Rubal Jain completed Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Stanford University (Stanford, CA, USA) in 2006.

  • He completed his Bachelor of Sciences in Operations Research from Columbia University (New York, USA) in 2004.

  • Due to his leadership and innovative approach, Safexpress has shown incredible growth in the last few years and has entered many new domains in the field of supply chain & logistics in India.

  • Mr. Rubal Jain is involved in the leadership team of other companies of Safexpress Group as well. These include Safexpress B2C, Green Truck Pvt Ltd and Safeducate.

  • With his extensive knowledge in corporate strategy, he has proven his ability to manage capital finances and brought on-board rich experience in planning and managing large scale projects.

  • Rubal strongly focuses on building successful relationships with customers by ensuring best-in-class service and quality levels.

  • Mr. Rubal has spearheaded the development and rollout of an Oracle based ERP system for IT-enabled processes in Operations and Finance at Safexpress.

  • Rubal has developed new HR Policies, which included streamlining the hiring and training systems, rollouts of annual appraisals and developing a performance linked variable compensation plan.

  • Mr. Rubal has designed and implemented competitive benchmarking and technical analysis programs to successful completion.

  • He has restructured various systems and processes to drive down costs while meeting aggressive company-wide revenue targets.

  • He has directed executive teams through organizational need analysis, quantitative and qualitative market research and systems optimization programs to create the firm's growth strategy.

  • Mr. Rubal Jain is also the Founding Investor and Director at an e-waste recycling and reverse logistics startup, Karma Recycling.


Over 5000 enterprise customers including firms like Siemens, Benetton, Hilti India Pvt Ltd, NIIT Ltd, Microsoft Corporation India Ltd and Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Pvt Ltd.

Awards & Recognition

Safexpress has been conferred with numerous prestigious awards for its relentless efforts and contribution to the industry. Which include Lifetime Achievement Award by ELSC, Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Retail Leadership Award by Asia Retail Congress, among others.

Recent Awards include ET Inspiring Business Leader, Large Fleet Operator of the Year and Excellence in Green & Sustainable Supply Chain.

Future Plans

Safexpress, as the 'Market Leader' want to become a world leader in the list of best logistic companies in customer service and brand value. Safexpress has been driving the warehousing revolution in India as it expects that this would be the major area of focus for the industry for many years to come. The firm is investing heavily to reduce the skill gap in the industry. Safexpress is providing training to its employees it helps upgrade their skills since supply chain & logistics is a very people-intensive industry.

Safexpress will strengthen its future competitiveness by making bold investments to develop innovative technologies, strengthen its product development capacity, enhance the quality of its customer service and increase its brand value as a leader.

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