Rossari Biotech Ltd.: Scaling up the growth of Indian chemical Industry with its synchronized technology prowess and innovation

Rossari Biotech Ltd.: Scaling up the growth of Indian chemical Industry with its synchronized technology prowess and innovation

Rossari Biotech Ltd.: Scaling up the growth of Indian chemical Industry with its synchronized technology prowess and innovation

An ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility in Silvassa stands as a beating heart of Rossari Biotech churning around 150 tonnes of chemicals and enzymes per day on average. Incorporated with a vow to deliver constant betterment, Rossari Biotech limited is a home to a large catalog of chemicals and enzymes besides a vast statistics of application and technical prowess. With cherishing strong penetration across Indian geography with 6 regional offices and treasure to leading domestic and global research association, it looks like the pioneer has been there for centuries. What has been the secret formula behind this biochemical magnet's endeavor? The answer lies within the minds and enthusiasm of Sunil Srinivasan Chari and Edward Menzes, two men who fostered a vision, refined it, and now are reaping the rewards. There are three things unique among all entrepreneurs- the immense passion for what they do, its impact and the freedom to do more. Sunil was surfing the heights of his professional journey when he realized the criticality of honing his business skills and hence secured a management degree from the Mumbai University in 1994. As the liberalized Indian economy steadied itself in a fast globalizing environment, he went on to set-up Rossari Biotech in 1997 along with his friend Edward Menzes as the partner. Much of the initial capital for Rossari came in form of angel funding from friends and relatives who reposed faith in their intuitiveness. The brainchild of this duet ventured out its saga that never faltered. The unfailing growth and the bold decision to enter the fast globalizing Indian economy at the right time enabled them to reach much greater pinnacles with the initial years of its operations. Presently the organization is fruitfully spearheading its journey on the core philosophy of making its clients more competitive, with a dedication towards the betterment of everyone around them.

Emergence as a World Enterprise

Today, Rossari Biotech has grown in manpower with presently nurturing a team of more than 508 employees. Accredited with GMP and other sustainable standards, the organization's core focus accounts for safety and health of the employees which is why Rossari's manufacturing plant adheres to the strictest safety and environmental standards so as to ensure their safety and security at the utmost priority.

Deploying Expertise in Research and Development

To survive in the current hyper-competitive environment, an organization's perpetual succession has to be nurtured by consistent refinement. It is for that reason that Rossari Biotech Ltd. prides itself on having state-of-the-art research facilities both at its head office as well as at the manufacturing plant in Silvassa. The organization stands amongst one of the few companies in the sector credentialed with a Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) certification. Rossari's research facilities encompass all the divisions of the company with Application Laboratories for textile and polymer applications to Microbiology Laboratories for its enzyme research and Reaction Laboratories equipped with the appropriate facilities for carrying out polymer reaction and emulsion research and product development.

Area of Expertise

  • Textile Industry

From Pretreatment to Finishing, Rossari has created a niche as an exceptional leader in Textile auxiliaries providing highest quality products that ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • Home, Personal Care, Cleaning and Coating

Rossari offers a wide range of products like detergents, dishwashing,  floor care, sanitary & glass cleaners, hard surface cleaners etc., besides additives for hard surface cleaners, water treatment, ceramics, paints and coatings etc.

  • Animal Health Nutrition

A wide range of Animal Health Nutrition products that are Natural, Innovative and are designed to enhance growth and survival of animals like Poultry, Cattles etc. are developed here at the manufacturing unit of the organization.

  • Technical Prowess

Rossari provides excellent technical support along with its diverse product range for all applications. Over the years, the company has set up State of the Art facilities for development research, improving manufacturing processes, continuous product innovation and provides reliable technical services to its customers. Staffed by highly qualified personnel, whose collective expertise fulfills the diverse customer requirement, Rossari proudly claims to have one of the best technical support and service teams dedicated to serving the customers and their individual requirements as well as providing complete solutions.

Rossari's Timeline

  • 1996 -Mr Edward M. & Mr Sunil C. co-founded Rossari Biotech as a partnership firm and later got privatized in 1997
  • 2006- Accorded the status of One Star Export House
  • 2008- RBL was awarded 'Corp Excel 2008' national MSME from a list of 27000 cos.
  • 2008- Received an SE-1A rating for highest performance capability and high financial strength from CRISIL
  • 2007- Received ISO certification 9001:2000 for plants at Silvassa and 14001:2004 in 2008
  • 2009- Recognition for in-house R&D unit from Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research
  • 2010- Textile auxiliaries range approved by Global Organic Textile stds and certified by Institute of Marketcology, German
  • 2011- Shifted into New office premises (23,000 sq. ft.) at Akruti Corporate Park, Mumbai
  • 2012- Joint venture with German-based BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co for cleaning chemicals
  • 2015- Acquired 12.75 Acres Land at Dahej GIDC (.Bharuch .Gujrat )
  • 2018- An Exclusive business partnership with Unilever to deliver the best cleaning solutions.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2010- Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards
  • 2011- Bio-Excellence Award
  • 2012- Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices
  • 2014- Best Innovator Award
  • 2018- Star Performer Award for Innovation

Founders' Periscope

Sunil Srinivasan Chari

Wholetime Director

Mr. Sunil Chari is the Wholetime Director and the engine that drives the growth of Rossari Biotech Ltd. A businessman by choice; driven by a single-minded focus to succeed, he belongs to an elite league of business leaders who have achieved what many others would just be left dreaming about.  With over 25 years of experience in the textile and ancillary chemicals industry, he brings his vast knowledge and wisdom of the market to the company with him. Prior to founding Rossari Biotech Ltd, he worked in a variety of textile processing and dyestuff industries including Century Mills. He holds a Masters in Management from Mumbai University and Licentiate in Textile Chemistry from VJTI. What Rossari Biotech has achieved today, stands testimony of his visionary leadership skills. What it seeks to accomplish in the future is a perceptible evidence of his acumen as an entrepreneur to rapidly evolve in a fiercely competitive global marketplace.

Edward Menzes

Managing Director

Mr. Edward Menezes is Managing Director and forms the bedrock of the company's technical and manufacturing expertise. He brings to the table a vast breadth of experience from Jaysynth Dyechem, Clariant India and Britacel where he held various responsibilities in technical research and product development. He holds a Management degree from Mumbai University and a B.Sc Tech in Textile Chemistry from the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT). Over the year he has built the state of the art production facility, technical services, and R& D centre at Rossari and his vision to be able to beat competition based on innovative products and par excellence quality and technical services has catapulted Rossari as one of the leaders in the Specialty Chemicals and Enzymes business in India.

Future Ahead

With a futuristic strategy to expand its operations and expertise, Rossari Biotech is on a rigorous innovative mode and is eyeing on the sustainable solutions to contribute a bit in reducing the environmental load. The organization is also targeting to surge the sales to 600 crores from 331 crores in 2017-18.

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