MBAex: The future of the financial markets economy unlocking the values of virtual assets

MBAex: The future of the financial markets economy unlocking the values of virtual assets

MBAex: The future of the financial markets economy unlocking the values of virtual assets

When Satoshi Nakamoto first brewed bitcoin, he didn't anticipate the cryptocurrency ripening into a lasting flavor, being traded on the global markets by millions. Investing in digital currencies isn't a new gossip. With bitcoinrolling out as an invention of the internet in 2009, the popularity of digital currency boosted and allured investors to be a part of this highly volatile market, promising big returns. Bitcoin not only sprouted as the trendsetter, ushering in a wave of cryptocurrencies built on the decentralized peer-to-peer network, it's become the de facto standard for cryptocurrencies.Today, there are more than 700 cryptocurrencies, or alt-coins, plus a host of Blockchain assetsare worthy of sitting up and taking note of, with close to 120 exchanges globally storing the potential to disrupt trade finance worldwide. The year 2017 was remarked as the Year of Cryptocurrency by investors. On one hand, virtual currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero — to name a few –channeled straight into the digital wallets of investors, whereas numerous digital currency trading platforms made their appearances.

Cruising to emerge out as the chieftain Virtual Currency trading platform, MBAEX ONLINE PTE. LTD. initiated its voyage in 2017; which turned out to be a momentous beginning of a brand's journey of evolving out as the biggest digital currency platform in terms of registrations, with over 100,000 clients on the global forefront, thus riding successfully the wave of cryptocurrency. MBAex brings an extremely secure, easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange to the market, giving the power to buy, sell and use crypto in just a few clicks. The organization has implemented new infrastructures on its platform through periodic updates for a more improved and secured trading system to provide its clients with reliable, high-quality service and meeting their expectations. Nestled in Singapore, MBAex has established its prowess as Southeast Asia's biggest blockchain assets trading platform, dedicated to promoting the usage of a few choice blockchain assets that are safe and strong in investment value, especially blockchain assets with steady application values that will provide clients with a safer, secured and superior trading environment. 

Visions & Goals

  • To become an international blockchain assets trading platform, serving and complementing the real economy with blockchain assets.
  • To facilitate the growth and development of the global market by evolving as the largest blockchain assets broker / white label platform.
  • To be the most cost-effective platform in creating economic benefits for all parties through professional brokers and innovative platform permits.
  • To be counted among world's top five blockchain assets trading platform.

Going beyond the shores to deliver unparallel crypto trading experience

When we decided to create MBAex (MBA Exchange) we realized that it was more than just a great business idea – it was a necessity. Southeast Asia needed it in the context of crypto world development and continuous financial changes in the area (including China).-Mr. Sebastian – IonutDiaconu, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Diaconu is the astute brains behind the pacesetter MBAex who is successfully towering the organization on the top of the crypto domain. Harvesting an excellent grasp of banking and forex industries during his professional voyage of more than a decade, Mr. Diaconu holds expertise in operations and international business development in major banking institutions all over Europe, namely in Romania, BRD – GroupeSocieteGenerale and BCR – Erste Group; Ikon Forex Company in England; IronFX and Banc De Binary in Cyprus. A "SpiruHaret" University, Bucharest graduate, Mr. Diaconu holds a Master of Law and Economy. An individual with high integrity, Mr. Diaconu's affair with cryptocurrency market had its humble beginning in 2014 with focus on blockchain application development and chairing value analysis roles.

Keeping its chronic growth of being a trusted global leader in crypto trading, MBAex's core teams of professionals comprise of personnel from Europe, Southeast Asia, and China, with extensive background and experiences in foreign exchange industry, banking industry, blockchain assets management and other financial technologies. Swiftly surfing beyond the shore of delivering best, the organization has expertise its services for the entire gamut of the crypto world including, cryptocurrency(bitcoin, Ethereum, rippleetc), blockchain assets management and trading. Besides the normal services that most of the world digital exchanges are offering, MBAex took a step ahead and launched the C2C (coin-to-coin) Online exchange service that allows clients to exchange USDT between them (peer-to-peer). Curbed by a strong managerial exposure of 10 years, MBAex's corporate philosophy prioritizes security while understanding that ease of use is paramount to the user. In a global economy, with millions of transactions happening every second, a platform like MBAex stands as the demand of time, to securely and conveniently handle these transactions.

Overcoming the challenges: Building Trust in the 'trustless cryptocurrency world'

There can be no successful business without trust. When a new business sprouts, the greatest hurdle which blocks the way is creating the right set of services in line with the clients' needs. The initials steps of MBAex too trembled, but having a great team made the walk worthy of all the challenges. The environment of cryptocurrency has its own share of ups and downs and controversy which has turned the concept hard to digest; it is definitely not easy and the consequences have been bad. When MBAex was established, the first priority set out was to create a platform that offers top quality services, support and make sure that any request or suggestion from the clients is treated with the highest priority. Since its beginning, the organization has been striving hard to deploy the best experience and results. MBAex's uniqueness comes from the fact that the clients are treated as business partners. Mr. Diaconu further clears the sky over the trust MBAex has garnered. He adds, "The past couple of years have been very challenging in the digital currencies world, as we experienced an unseen growth across all cryptos, with bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple at hundreds and thousands percent gains in a short period of time, but also an increasing number of hacking issues, fake ICOs, market manipulation and so on. That's why for MBAex, security was, is and always will be part of our constant development. I think people will become more selective, more informed and this way it will be easier to differentiate a trusted brand from a fake one."

Factors contributing to the uniqueness of MBAex

"I believe that the digital economy will drive the long-term development and expansion of the online platform trade, and blockchain assets will eventually be featured as the premier mainstream financial trading tool."- Mr. Sebastian – IonutDiaconu

  • Blockchain Asset to Asset Trading Advantages

There are only legal currencies and blockchain assets exchange in the traditional blockchain assets trading platform. Users are required to increase investment and reload legal currency to continue in buying other blockchain assets or convert the previous blockchain assets into legal currency, and then use the currency to buy the required blockchain assets.

  • Safe & Stable

MBAex's expertise is backed by cold storage, SSL, multiple encryptions and other banking security and a cumulative ten years experience in financial security team.

  • High Performance support

MBAex's specialized high speed matchmaking engine and distributed cluster technology distribute global data center.

  • Supporting Various Assets

MBAex currently offers full-fledge support for the following blockchain assets; BTC, ETH, RWB, USDT and shall be going live with other better blockchain assets in due time.

  • Resources Support

MBAex has a wealth of resources and a large number of partners in the industry which might be transferred into MBAex platform in batches on a planned schedule.

  • Multi-language Support

MBAex is the first platform to provide multi-lingual support, commencing with English & Chinese support.

Creating the 'Brand Mark'

Our brand comes with a very ambitious slogan and powerful message – MBAex ~ Master In Blockchain Trading; our credo to back this ambition up is "Southeast-Asia's Biggest Blockchain Assets Trading Platform". When people see our name, a lot of things might be bustling in their mind, but I would say that "business opportunity" would be most common. Till date, we have managed to reach out to over 20 countries across the globe, while successfully registering new member applications approaching 200,000 members within ONE MONTH!!!"– Mr. Sebastian – IonutDiaconu

What really makes MBAex stand apart is the Affiliate Program, which allows people with extended networks to develop a business-in-business. Despite being in its nascent stage, the strong debut of MBAex with its bouquet of ever new services and campaigns and the business opportunities for its clients define the organization as a brand that defies time, challenges and it's the right choice for everyone who wants to be part of the future. The customers are a pivotal part of MBAex as its business partner. The brand has engaged a wide range of demographic and envisions enlarging it even further with the ongoing projects. Everything that is developing here is customer-centric. To expand its reach on the global forefront, the organization has deployed multiple marketing tools at its disposal where social media is housing lot of attention and followers, road shows and seminars are providing good conversion rates for the brand. The positive response and feedback from the clients definitely give the brand a boost in its working. This journey of crafting its way of becoming a part of clients' lives and digital world and their daily involvement is the best way to quantify how well they are connected with this virtual trading exchange leader.

Considering the pace of the current promotions and projects, changes are already a done deal for this year for MBAex. The organization is currently working on some very interesting new developments which are definitely a big surprise. Interestingly, Mr. Diaconu adds a smile and says, "With your permission, I will keep the developments as a surprise. Follow us and I can assure that you will not be disappointed!!"

My words, My Journey


I could say that the entrepreneurship is like a forest road, unpaved, with obstacles, but if you see the beautiful scenery and eye the destination, everything becomes much easier. Previous experiences, openness, perseverance, as well as the attention to details, are a must, in my opinion, for success. My journey has been long series of "I learned something new from this experience" until I had the opportunity to be part of this great project called MBAex (read as MBA Exchange). From a professional point of view, my objective is to make MBAexas every crypto enthusiast, investor, and business oriented person's first choice, increase the brand's global awareness and adding more value to our current and future projects.

In my private life, my wife and my son are completing me, so I'm very happy to say that I don't have any special plans for the next year, except maybe to enjoy the time with my family!

Piece of Advice

If you want to accomplish something, don't let anyone and anything convince you otherwise!

Plans Ahead

My ultimate aim is to lead MBAex into becoming one of the biggest blockchain assets exchange platform in the world.It is safe to say that after becoming an established brand in Southeast Asia, our next target is to expand further towards West and South and the ultimate target is to become a top exchange worldwide.

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