Sanjeev Jain & Sandeep Jain: Manufacturing Excellence for a healthier world

Sanjeev Jain & Sandeep Jain: Manufacturing Excellence for a healthier world

Sanjeev Jain & Sandeep Jain: Manufacturing Excellence for a healthier world

It been observed that there are two major determinants to the success of a new venture. First is the business itself, any new enterprise that serves to cater to a tangible need and has a clear market segment is expected to do well. The second is the people who run it, a business run by individuals who possess set qualities like — passion, creativity, tenacity, risk tolerance, intuition and belief in a purpose greater than themselves, is well on its path to great success. One such pair is that of brothers Mr. Sanjeev Jain (Director, Business Development and Marketing) and Mr. Sandeep Jain (Director, Operations) who together have created the largest Contract Drug Manufacturing organization in India, Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The brothers share a rare camaraderie when it comes to running their company, while the elder brother, Mr. Sanjeev Jain is a people's person through and through, the younger brother Mr. Sandeep Jain is a stellar for processes and systems. Fortunately for the group, their current roles come as a natural fit to their personalities; the former manages the business development and marketing activities of the firm while the latter is responsible for managing operations at the group's nine state of the art manufacturing units. Together, under the aegis of their father Mr. D.C. Jain, the brothers have carved a unique place for themselves in the pharmaceutical space.

Akums at a glance

Akums is India's single largest Contract Research and Manufacturing (CRAMS) organization responsible for manufacturing approximately 11-12 % of all drugs consumed in the country. The organization offers a comprehensive range of services starting from formulation development to market launch all en suite.

  • Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS),
  • Formulation & development of Novel Drugs Delivery Systems
  • Loan License
  • New Formulations with DCGI Approvals
  • Institutional business
  • Technology Transfer
  • Technical collaboration and Joint ventures

Akums ten state of the art facilities are equipped to produce all modern dosage forms — tablets, hard gelatine capsules, soft gelatine capsules, powder in sachets, liquid syrups and suspensions, injections, eye/ear drops, ointments, creams, gels, lotions, ayurvedic and herbal preparations, nutraceutical and cosmetic preparations and many more. The company also has several new products under development.

The company began its operations in 2004 with a single manufacturing unit, today, it manufactures products for almost all multinationals and big pharma companies including Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy's, Bayer, Ferring, MSD, GSK, Merck, Abbott, Mylan, P&G, Zydus, Torrent, Allergan, Sanofi, Wockhardt, Emcure, Intas, Abbott, Dabur, Lupin, Zydus, Blue Cross, Cipla, Ipca, Glenmark, Hetero, Entod, Novartis, Zuventus to name a few.

Together, under the aegis of their father Mr. D.C. Jain, Sanjeev and Sandeep Jain have carved a unique place for themselves in the pharmaceutical space. With creme-de-la-creme of dedicated pharmaceutical personnel and standardized practices, Akums has been successful in attaining national and international accreditations, the organization is certified with WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 certificates and various international accreditations, like; ANVISA, Brazil, NAFDAC, Nigeria, FDB, Ghana, PMPB, Malawi amongst others.

Key Strengths

  • Manufacturing Excellence: sustained adherence to quality and compliance. Akums' facilities undergo more than 15000 hours' worth of audits in a year by top notch international regulators, multinational firms.
  • Highest Quality Every Time: ensuring that every dosage unit lives up to the most stringent quality standards
  • Unique Technology based Solutions: technologies that enhance patient drug experience
    • Form, Fill & Seal Technology
    • Ready to use Antibiotic Syrups: Pediatric
    • Mouth Melt Powder and Tablets
    • Bi-Layered Tablet
    • Effervescent Tablets & Powder
  • Regulatory prowess: Highest number of DCGI and FSSAI compliance with 650+ DCGI approvals 


Akums has consistently strived towards achieving highest standards of quality, at par with international benchmarks. Some of awards presented to Akums for their excellent performance across diverse areas of work and production are:

  • INDIA PHARMA LEADER AWARD by Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India
  • National Award for Excellence in Product Quality and Outstanding Entrepreneurship by Government of India
  • Best Emerging Companies Excellence Award and Best Corporate Governance Award by Business Today
  • India Pharma Award for Excellence in Contract Research – Formulation Development by UBM India for 3 years consecutively.
  • The company's growth and contribution to the pharmaceutical industry earned it a well-deserved position in the list of India's Next Fortune 500 companies, with an overall sector ranking of 12.

Future Plans

A very important part of Akum's future strategy is to focus on new technologies that will reduce "patient pill burden". Akums will continue to actively pursue new tools that will allow them to manufacture formulations with a reduced dosage frequency, for they believe that will not only economize the cost but will have a huge impact on patient compliance, which is still an important factor for the failure of a number of therapies. Akums would continue to invest in new delivery systems that allow for better solubility, bioavailability and release profiles.

In the domestic market, the wellness market is emerging as an important sector; the market demand is veering towards products that actually work to prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases, ageing, stress etc. Another category is that of nutritional supplements, with India topping the charts with one of the most malnourished population in the world, the responsibility is on Akums to develop low cost nutritional supplements and food adjuvants which can help in alleviating key vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the population at large. With their NSF-approved Maxcure Nutravedics Unit, they are in a fortunate position to deliver this. One of their future strategies is to come up with a range of products in the vitamin-mineral, Ayurvedic, liposomal and plant-derived category that are easy to administer and offer no bioavailability or taste challenges.

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