Surana & Surana acts for clients in the most complex and challenging situations

Surana & Surana acts for clients in the most complex and challenging situations

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Surana & Surana acts for clients in the most complex and challenging situations

For over 47 years, the lawyers have been discreetly advising Industry leaders & public figures in high profile cases

  1. Surana & Surana International Attorneys was co-founded by Mr. P S Surana and Leelavathi Surana & has become the 'go to firm' for anyone requiring prompt, practical, personalized & implementable legal solutions that also made commercial sense.  Since inception, the firm has been handling high profile litigations, complex corporate matters for trade, industry & government leaders with particular focus on being "one-shop-stop" for legal services. Rendering Multi-disciplinary services under one roof like legal, tax compliance, finance (techno- commercial – legal work) was unheard of in the late 80's.  The experience and expertise acquired over the decades have been enhanced through a structured organization (world's first SA 8000, ISO 14000 & Asia's First ISO 9000 certified law firm) and has been recognized by leading international publications & industry bodies.

They differentiate themselves by offering truly cross – border offerings to clients by even studying foreign jurisdiction laws/legal systems when called upon.  They also collaborate with several institutions in India and overseas for the promotion of academic excellence and research.  As a part of this endeavour they organize, administer, sponsor & host Moot Courts (Mock Trials), Essay & Judgement – writing competitions covering various areas of law like Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Environmental & Energy laws, Social Justice and Public and Empowerment and Technology in partnership in India's leading law schools.  Organizing Moot Court competitions dated back mid 1990s, would soon achieve the 150th mark – by far the largest program of its kind in the world by a law firm.

Some of key differentiators are:

  • Prompt, practical & personalized solutions and services;
  • Practical, commercially viable and implementable legal solutions to ensure smooth commercial operations and viability of clients;
  • In depth Research and analysis;
  • Multi Disciplinary Offerings (Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Chartered Engineers and Management Domain Experts);
  • Asia's first ISO 9000 Certified and World's first ISO 14000/ SA 8000 certified law firm – mature processes, understanding of industry and its culture etc;
  • Key members in leadership positions in industry bodies ensuring precise understanding of problems faced by industry and solutions required.
  • Policy advocacy for industry with the State and Central Government;
  • Use of latest technology & process for research, client feedback, transparency and productivity ;
  1. From inception, the founders have focused on being a client focused / client centric organization. In the founders words "Always treat the client as a king /Raja".   All departments of the firm are in sync with the culture & philosophy of the firm.

Case Study & Model for Sustainable Development

This was the only Indian Law firm among the eight Asian firms to be featured as a case study in the bestselling book "Developing a Profitable Practice in Asia".

The study (titled "Surana & Surana – An uncommon law firm: Principles before profits") speaks about the firms professional success, unique value systems, contribution to development of legal education and its various welfare activities and its vision for the future.

"Surana & Surana's sustainable development" is a unique and scalable model propounded by Dr. Vinod Surana – CEO, Surana & Surana International Attorneys in 2004. The model highlights that as demand for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) becomes increasingly important in today's economy, a law firm should closely work with (a) an international ADR centre, (with talent being critical), (b) world class law school and (as technology "commoditization of legal processes), (c) an efficient LPO centre. This compact self-sustaining ecosystem is will to improve quality, reduce cost, deliver quickly & retain talent.

The CEO Magazine chats with Dr. Vinod Surana – CEO of Surana & Surana International Attorneys

As per you, what are the favorite aspects of being a CEO?

  1. Thrill in meeting growing client requirements & expectation.
  2. Use of technology for research, productivity & growth.
  3. Human Resources Development for growth.
  4. Managing 3 R's of human capital – Recruit, Retain & Revenue

What are three pieces of advice you would give to youth in the business environment?

  1. Patience
  2. Customer centric existence
  3. Simplify

What was your first (code / product) ship like – and what was the same or different compared to your most recent?

In initial years, being always available to give practical & implementable commercial – legal solutions was a USP.  Today's generation has constant access to vast information – but is often distracted by technology & low attention spans.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year from personal as well as professional point of view?

Personal – Practice meditation & silence – two hours a day.

Professional – Expand into new areas of practices – Defense contracts, Forensic Audit & Family Business succession & Trusts.

What is the hardest thing about being a CEO?

Responsible for constant all-around growth in era of increasing competition and reducing costs while keeping the human capital qualitative – growth intact.

Give me one phrase that describes you the best?

Destined to Succeed!

About the CEO

Dr. Vinod Surana

Vinod Surana has been recognized as one of India's "100 legal luminaries" by the renowned Lexis Nexis and is "highly recommended as a leading lawyer in Corporate / M&A" by the prestigious Chamber Asia-Pacific.  Dr. Surana is much sought after for his legal advice & dispute resolution skills by Fortune 500 companies, family businesses & industry bodies.  A wannabe pilot, Vinod's life plans expanded during his trip to U.S. & UK as a student and as a U S Government sponsored exchange in Salzburg, Austria. Both experiences put him on the path to raise the 'bar' & shaped his legal practice for the 21st century.

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