The utmost priority of companies today has boiled to acquiring and sourcing top talent. Better hiring decisions have fallen into place since technology has smoothly incorporated into the recruitment orchestration, throwing the talent mismatch out of the window.

In this technologically driven age, when most of the industries are moving rapidly towards artificial intelligence, the hiring path has also transformed completely. To take care of the recruiting needs of the company many start-ups and business houses today have started using innovative learning and analytical ways.

One such business house is Arin Consultancy Private Limited, which started in 2013; it has grown exponentially in a very short period and has become a reliable and trusted name in this field and among its clients in the BFSI space. The brainchild of Sejal Chawda, Director of the company, offers excellence in 'search of talent' to ensure that the aspirations of the company can transform into reality. Professionally managed and based out of Mumbai, they have dedicated "Placement and Recruitment" Consultants who offer unique end-to-end reliable services, across India to the Corporate Sector in the senior, middle and entry levels.


Sejal Chawda is a charming, diligent and empathetic working professional. She has a flair for discovering talent in a person and helps them enhance it. A Mathematics and Statistics graduate, having cleared CT1 and CT3 of Actuarial Science, she is extremely logical and a natural problem solver. She is motivated, dedicated and is passionate about what she does. So when in a corporate structure anyone is looking to interact with a sincere, reliable and resourceful person, they go no further, Sejal is the person.

The journey started fresh for her, without much ado about the venture or any relative contemplation. She was confident about the investment of efforts that were planned and hence there was no doubt in her head about her plan. Several hiccups came her way. There were complications to deal with, but Sejal and her team of dedicated professionals were adamant on going through with it by focusing on one thing at a time.

In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Sejal talks about her firm extensively, her journey throughout with her team, plans and more;

The CEO: Let's start from your early life, what was your rationale behind choosing this field?

Sejal: I have been always a people's person and loved to manage things in its place and discipline and I was hungry to learn. Hence being a part of the HR industry has given me ample mindful satisfaction.  In this area, you never stop learning, and each time you feel confident about something there is another challenge coming your way already, which keeps you going. We chose to be sector specialist and cater primarily to BFSI sector. This helped us remain focussed, understand the client requirements,deliver qualityin a quicker turnaround time.

The CEO:What kind of challenges came your way?

Sejal:Being a start-up, of course there are various challenges; such as   acquiring new business for the company, deliver the new on-boarded clients, hiring new people, infrastructure cost, cost of starting the new business, developing the company website,   retention of employees, retention of clients, giving equal opportunities to employees, maintaining healthy peer competition, leaving your own mark on the company and analysis of future growth, of course the biggest challenge is payments.

But eventually, as time passed, we overcame all our challenges that belonged to start-ups having a new set of challenges that always keeps us on our toes. The best thing about all of this is when you are in HR each day is a learning process dealing with a different set of people each time.

The CEO:How do you bridge the gap between employer and employee?

Sejal:The biggest asset of a company is its people and we at Arin are very closely knitted to one another.  The smallest of things are celebrated by us as a team. Hence, the only way to bridge the gap between the employer and employee is to continuously be with them to share their anxieties, worries, and happiness and be a pillar to them whom they can rely on at any given point of time.

The CEO:Describe a difficult experience you have had and how did you handle it.

Sejal:A dynamic and aggressive client gave us multiple mandates to hire employees for them with aggressive deadlines. With all confidence and 100% efforts we placed around 25 employees and most of them are continuing with the same organization and we are now the preferred Hiring Partner for this client. The fact that we are a young team and we constantly try to change ourselves for the good makes us unique and in demand, in the industry.

The CEO:Tell us about your team and area of expansion.

Sejal:We have a young dynamic team that specializes in the specified functions giving clients a personal touch in everything they do. My team members consider office as their second homes which itself shows their comfort level at work and makes sure they give their best. We do handhold our new employees and eventually prepare them to cater to the specified niche clients with additional training given to them as required. We currently have major clients in the BFSI industry and now gearing up to grow in other verticals as well.

The CEO:Who are your clients? How do you maintain trust among them?

Sejal:We started our journey fresh without much expectation but absolute confidence in ourselves. The same confidence helped us sail through our journey which was evident to our clients as well. Being fresh in the industry demanded putting twice the effort. Also, we have been exploited at times but it is part of the journey and we have been able to cross that point. We have reached a stage where we are the preferred partners for hiring and the 'goodwill' passed on has helped us maintain trust among our clients.

The CEO:According to you, what trends and tools will shape Human Resource departments over the next five years?

Sejal:With an introduction of new technology for hiring, like video resumes and the use of artificial intelligence, I'm sure hiring will reduce human interference which will save time. Only time will decide its efficiency/success.

The CEO:What milestones and achievements are you most proud of today?

Sejal:The fact that our brand is now recognized and most sought after firm in the BFSI space and that our team is increasing makes us proud.

The company is looking forward to giving its employees the perfect environment that furnishes the best working experience for them.  Arin Consultancy does not want only the company to grow; it is looking for overall growth for employees, work, projects, revenues, goodwill, client relationship, etc. in terms of experience, learning, training, and hierarchy.

"Regardless of what the domain, human resources or else, patience, stepwise attitude of executing things and hard work is the key to success for any venture to work"

Sejal Chawda.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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