3S Integrated Facility Management: Disrupting the Housekeeping Industry through technological solutions

3S Integrated Facility Management: Disrupting the Housekeeping Industry through technological solutions

3S Integrated Facility Management: Disrupting the Housekeeping Industry through technological solutions

Housekeeping has always been an integral part of middle-class societies. Initially, it was limited to the royal elites, slowly, it spread across to various stratifications of the society. Although, such services in unorganized form are quite a common sight in Indian society. The domestic help industry is highly unorganized and fragmented with a large pool of work-force. Sensing the opportunities, Dr. Abdul Rehman Vanoo incepted 3S Integrated Facility Management in 2015 in order to assure asset safety, aesthetics, functionality, and comfort with best teams, equipped with the best competencies and tools and deliver to customers' quality, impeccable services throughout India and overseas. The firm complies with the global standards of Quality, Safety, Environment and Social Accountability.

3S Integrated Facility Management is one of the top facility management service company in India. The rise in technology has led to the rise in automation thus demanding a change in facility management. The firm provides with all types of services with the latest tools, faster processes, and quality output. They have been serving for the past many years and are constantly getting new services on board based on the market requirements. 3SI has successfully completed many projects and it continues to serve its clients of different sectors; automobiles, banks, hospitals, healthcare, IT, real estate, media and manufacturing plants with trustworthy and trained employees giving 100% productive and qualitative work to their clients.

3S Integrated Facility Management aims to be counted as the world's most professional, innovative and respectable Facilities management team, which blends traditional Indian hospitality, with global systems and processes, and this differentiates them as the most preferred company, that meets and exceeds its customer's needs and expectations consistently.

3S Integrated Facility Management is a one-stop solution provider to every requirement in the arena of integrated facility management. Some offerings are:

  • Housekeeping, Carpet 2) Upholstery Cleaning, 3)Shampooing, 4)Deep Cleaning, 5)Home Care, 6)Pest Control, 7)Guest House Management / Celebrity Apartment Management, 8)Handyman, 9)Horticulture, 10)Pantry Management, 11)Floor Care.

Recognition in the market

3S Integrated Facility Management feels immense satisfaction and proud to be awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification, an internationally recognized standard that ensures that the firm's services meet the needs of their clients through an effective quality management system.

The firm has developed and implemented its quality management in order to improve the overall performance of the firm, maintain a high level of quality and strong customer service and to provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives.  The firm echelons' decision to work towards ISO 9001:2015 accreditation demonstrates the commitment to providing high quality and consistent services to its clients.

The CEO magazine caught up with Dr. Abdul Rehman Vanoo, the Director of 3S Integrated Facility Management over a conversation. Edited excerpts.

When and how did you decide to choose this entrepreneurial path in the Housekeeping industry?

Since my early days, I have always been focused on three objectives namely EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, CLEANLINESS. As I believe that these three things would only bring the required changes in the society in which we are living and make us the BEST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN.

As in our nation, there is an abundance in human resource, the first thought that came to my mind is to do the business wherein maximum and in huge numbers, the workforce can be employed which in return would help nation building and also would lead for business building.

So, in 2015 I channelized my thought into a company which is named as "3S INTEGRATED FACILITY MANAGEMENT PVT LTD."

To begin, how is your brand-defining "trust" in the industry? What's your competitive advantage that can't be copied?

We have been serving the market with Transparency, Expertise, and Flexibility.

Our competitive advantage lies in following features:

Smart: An ability to develop new approaches that represent a leap forward in a Housekeeping Services

Sustainable: An ability to consistently please customers are important in virtually.

Solutions: Delivering services that are high quality in the eyes of customers.

Experience: A rich experience associated with our services and brand that is valued by customers.

These characteristics have helped us build 'trust' in the market.

How has the firm grown and what do you attribute this to?

We are growing exponentially and adding new members continuously. Our firm has grown with the passion and dedication of 3SI employees.

Do you live by/do business with a certain motto?

Yes, we live by our motto of "Smart Sustainable Solutions."

What is your proudest moment with the company? Brief us over the awards and milestones earned by the organization.

My proudest moment is when our company got certified with ISO 9001:2015 and was appreciated and acknowledged by various authorities for best global standard of services & cleaning leading us to become an ISO certified company.

What are the future plans of the 3S Integrated Facility Management?

Our future plans are aligned with interests of the country in heart and global in mind. We want quality and healthy life for all the citizens of the country and lead positive social transformation throughout Globe. Plans are in motion to expand to the domains left out.

What are some strategies that you would recommend for making the best use of one's time?

Time is a very essential, mismanaging it can lead to serious consequences. I would advise people to maintain "Time Management with pro-activeness" and Time Management  for me is "Pro-activeness".

What's your take on the mounting demand for housekeeping services in India?

We, 3SI facility, take the cleanliness as an integrated part and parcel of our life. We believe that Cleanliness is the health and happiness line of the nation and its citizens. Cleanliness is not for any occasions, we at 3SI has accepted that it is a daily driver so that we can breathe in the fresh air and remain contamination free.

We are into the process to give hygienic and environmentally sound atmosphere to the nation by providing Quality Services & facilities to our customers to enlighten their journey path. Looking at the growing and expanding middle-class, the future of integrated facility management paints a rosy picture of the industry.

The guiding force

Dr Abdul Rehman Vanoo


A hands-on business leader, Dr Abdul Rehman Vanoo currently chairs the leadership team of 3S INTEGRATED FACILITY MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED. A visionary in field of Education, Employment, Culture & Sports, Dr Vanoo walks on his father's footsteps by following his ideology of love, compassion, and empathy towards the society that is well embodied through the foundation named as "HIND FOUNDATION."


  • Crowned as "The Entrepreneur of the year" by RISING FOUNDATION
  • Felicitated with HIND RATAN AWARD 2006 from NRI Welfare society of India New Delhi recognition for social activities in India & abroad, namely Middle East
  • Honoured for "MAULANA AZAD AWARD 2013" by Kirdaar Art Academy, Mumbai-Maharashtra
  • Awardee of "Employment Opportunities through Tourism in Kokan Region", "Embassy of India – Indian Cultural Centre-Doha – Qatar" & many more.

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