Which Hosting is Best for WordPress, Linux or Windows?

Which Hosting is Best for WordPress, Linux or Windows?

Which Hosting is Best for WordPress, Linux or Windows?

When you are planning to launch your own website, first of all, you need to determine what kind of hosting you need. Present-time, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS), and the way it works for you will depend on whether you choose Windows or Linux.

A lot of people do not take OS or operating systems seriously but your server's operating system actually impacts the way it behaves. Linux and Windows use different technologies that may not be compatible with all websites. That's why it is important to understand your goals and choose the right OS that can be helpful for you.

In this post, we will provide a brief what a server OS is and the differences between Linux and  Windows in terms of development tools, ease of use, and terms of stability and which hosting is best for WordPress, Linux or Windows?

Intro: Linux and Windows Server Operating System

Every server needs an OS to run just like your personal computer. Most of the users do not concern about this, actually they don't need to do it if they are going to set up a simple website. This is for those who decide to dig deeper into server configuration, they need to know the different options available presently.


Linux is mostly found as the default server OS for WordPress sites. Here is an overview of the major characteristic of the open-source platform, Linux

  • It is more mature and gained a great reputation in web hosting.
  • Linux is considered safe because of it being open source.
  • This is compatible with cPanel.
  • You can easily find cheaper hosting plans on your provider bypassed additional license costs.


On the other side, Windows is the most popular desktop OS for PC users. In term of web hosting, here are the features of this platform:

  • Windows is quite easy to set up and configure
  • It often implements cloud-centric technologies and offers a hybrid approach to cloud hosting.
  • Developing web applications and setting up the .NET framework is quite easy with Windows

Here, you need to keep in mind that if you sign up for a shared hosting plan, you will not have a choice of operating systems. In such a situation, you will go for a virtual private service or a dedicated plan if you want to select your OS.

Why You Need to Consider Linux vs Windows Hosting

See, every operating system works in a different way. Some web applications may not be compatible with Linux or Windows servers. Here, the main point that you should consider is the type of software that you want to install.

For example, to run a Sharepoint or Exchange site will work better with Windows. On another side, Linux is the go-to hosting choice for WordPress installs via cPanel.

When you are selecting your OS, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to have an easy set-up or greater flexibility?
  • Can you invest more effort into your website's security?
  • Do you rely on .NET, ASP, or MS SQL for your website to function?
  • Are you ready to pay additional costs?

 Linux vs. Windows- Step-Wise-Comparison

Linux and Windows are two completely different operating systems and both provide very different experiences for people interested in setting up their own WordPress website, it's sometimes tough to do a direct comparison. Indeed, many people make their decision on which host to use as per their personal preferences and their experience with each host.  Here are the major points to compare:

  • User-Interface: In terms of user-interface, Windows is simple to use all thanks to its familiar menus. For Linux, it relies on a command line with functions and syntaxes that may be tough to learn. This is the reason why most administrators work through cPanel to make server maintenance easier.
  • Stability: Linux is more stable and it hardly needs a reboot. But when it comes to Windows, it can have trouble dealing with multiple tasks so it may not be the right choice if you are looking for a business-critical application.
  • Compatibility: Generally, Windows servers are used in large organizations where there are complex IT infrastructures. They are compatible with other Microsoft applications that are beneficial for better support. On the other hand, Linux may not work smoothly with these solutions and using Linux administrator is not ideal in corporate environments.
  • Security: It is a fact that both operating systems have hacking risk but Windows is generally more vulnerable to threats.
  • Development Tools: If you are planning to set up a personal website, Linux hosting is always a better option here with access tools like PHP, Apache, MySQL and File Transfer Protocol. Experienced developers can configure on NGINX web server or use Perl or Python. However, the sites that are developed with Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL technologies only work with Windows servers.
  • Speed: Linux is found to be faster than Windows because this is lightweight and easy on server resources when executing commands.
  • Dev Tools and Control Panels: You can create and manage MySQL databases and configure PHP with cPanel that will update the software packages without any human intervention. Whether you need to set up a new email address, adjust mailbox size limit and many tasks, the control panel can help you in everything. This super powerful tool helps beginners complete all tasks faster. On Windows, we have Plesk that offers many of the same advantages of cPanel and helps in running the Windows version of Linux, Apaches, MySQL, and PHP stack.
  • Cost: There is a significant cost difference between Linux and Windows hosting. Linux is open-source so it is free. Here it is considered a more cost-effective option. Besides, Linux servers running on the exact same hardware on which they have configured 10 or more years ago, the slow rate of change environment and the scaled-down nature of the operating system mean it does not need regular updates and is easier to maintain, so dedicated servers that use this OS typically cost less.

It does not mean Linux is free completely, there are paid distributions like Red Hat, plenty of free and fully functional distributions are also available.

Choosing Linux for WordPress

When it comes to selecting the WordPress hosting, Linux is the better OS. If you know this WordPress runs on PHP that is much harder to configure on Windows. The Microsoft Access database is not as robust as MySQL and it may slow down your website.

Another advantage is that there are no licensing costs associated with Linux, so you can easily find affordable managed WordPress hosting that uses this OS. Besides, reputed hosts provide an intuitive dashboard which makes Linux easier to use than it otherwise would be.

As mentioned as it is an open-source platform, like WordPress, many developers contribute to the system to ensure it is stable and completely secure. Moreover, Linux is flexible enough for custom code and applications like ColdFusion, ASP Class,c or Microsoft SQL, you should choose when you are looking for WordPress hosting.

Choosing Windows for WordPress

As mentioned above, a complete understanding of your hosting need is important when you want to select the right hosting package for your company. In case, you are a professional in the hosting space, you are already aware of this fact that there is a lot more to consider.

For instance, you need to ask yourself if you are going to be relying on SQL, ASP, or .NET server to keep your website functioning- if the answer to this is yes, then going for the Windows hosting is probably a better option. All these servers are supported by Windows and you simply cannot find your way through them using Linux.

Making Your Choice

One of the important things to remember is that regardless of which option you prefer, Linux and Windows both offer excellent experiences on your WordPress website. You just need to choose either solution that works well with the content management platform.

However, most of the people believe that Linux is a faster and less expensive option especially for small businesses that are looking for a budget-friendly option to grow their online presence at this initial stage.

Choosing the perfect OS for your hosting can be an essential detail, mainly if you want to set up a VPS or a dedicated service. Some applications can only work with some specific operating systems so select the right is key to achieving your goals.

To recap, Linux is always a better option for WordPress sites because of its amazing compatibility with PHP and MySQL. But if you are going to use development tools like the .NET framework, Windows hosting might be a better hosting choice for you. Furthermore, if you find yourself more comfortable with the Windows framework and you are aware of its use, you might find that you get a better return on investment from your Windows strategy. Here, keep your personal preference in mind and then make the right selection.

Bottom Line

So that's it on which hosting is best for WordPress, Linux or Windows? We hope you found this post helpful and interesting. If you have any doubt or question let us know in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you.

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