IT Industry in India Technology Hubs and Business Ideas

IT Industry in India Technology Hubs and Business Ideas

As the contribution of technology has increased in the lives of people. The contribution of the IT sector in the largest IT Industry in the world. The Indian IT industry, towards the GDP has also skyrocketed. The infamous IT industry of India has not only a domestic impact; but also a global one as the people from across the world. From developed and developing nations tend to seek Indian IT solution services.

This, being the fastest growing industry in the world. Information Technology in India is not only an industry inclusive of two major components IT services & business process outsourcing (BPO). But also has a special space in the contemporary world economy as India is the largest exporter of IT.

The major information technology hubs are Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, Chandigarh. Another growing international IT services and outsourcing exporters. Chennai, India's second-largest exporter of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services as of 2012, Hyderabad, a major global information technology hub, and the largest bioinformatics hub in India, Kochi, Pune.

In each of these cities, various brands are headquartered and hubs are established which support the economy. Now these are also the places where there is a lot of business opportunities; as there are many budding and small start-ups which need IT services for the sustenance and growth.


  • Managed IT Service Providers: When a business caters as a one-stop solution to various IT service needs of the small businesses, they are known as Managed IT service Providers. Encompassing a variety of services for an ongoing basis at a regular rate, this service providing business is profitable for business in the long run as the investment gets paid off by the prevention from any expensive problem.
  • On-Demand IT: Similar to a free-lancing business, this business structure in the IT industry in India. This business model allows one to offer the same portfolio of services but instead of companies paying a regular monthly fee. They can get paid for each service when they need it.
  • Network Setup: Networks, essential for communication inside the company and outside as well, are essential for any business. One can start offering a preliminary setup service to the target audience. That are essentially businesses just looking to get their networks up and running. Now, this can also become more valuable as part of a managed IT package.
  • Network Security: Today, the biggest asset and, if lost, also the biggest liability of a business can be its data. This makes cyber security, a priority for all businesses. Thus, evaluating and responding to potential threats is a popular and lucrative business in the IT industry.
  • Database Management: As mentioned, data is the key to business, database management allows this data to be monitored and accessed all through its lifecycle. This puts services like management of information ranging from customer and employee information, sales to finances being organised ensuring compliance, security and performance of data-driven applications.
  • Cloud Computing: Another technology that has become an essential, cloud computing allows a lot of operations to become simplified. Now, this service includes any type of IT service that is delivered over the internet or a dedicated cloud network. The business model can include the creation of a type of software that is delivered to users over the cloud and then charge target audience a membership fee for the ability to access it.
  • Software Support: If one is already in the software industry or they have a keen dealing with software products like those that run databases, spreadsheets or multimedia, you can offer a service where you provide support for users that require technical fixes. You can focus on a specific type of software or list of programs, or offer a more generalized service.
  • Data Storage: Storing loads of data produced by the company is a task for the companies and the opportunity for the IT service providing companies which can offer a secure cloud platform or on-premises storage option for system backups or additional storage which allows them to not obligate on keeping everything on their main devices.
  • VoIP Service: This is a service that can be provided on an ongoing or as-needed basis through the business where one can offer Voice over Internet Protocol service, i.e. an online service that allows clients to communicate with others via voice call.
  • Computer Repair: If one prefers working with hardware like computers, motherboards and graphics cards, they can offer repair services for companies or individuals. This target audience can be reached with a focus on the target market within the local community.

What are you waiting for? If you are struggling to find your spot in the IT industry of India; then these options are an opportunity looking to be explored. Get Started!

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