With streaming services taking over the human race, binge watching your favorite movie or TV series has become a treasure we like to possess and enhance.

Moreover, if talk about the Indian industry for these services, in the last few years the makeover has been astounding. We have witnessed an explosion of customized services for unhindered hours of online pleasure.

Being a part of an era that stands dominated by the sequinning of millennial, it is hard to bid on the ones who are not looking to watch their favorite stars online, given the lifestyle has become such a hustle. Having said that, it also is significant to find just the right content that suits your taste, whims and fancies perfectly. The atrocities may have taken over the world right now, but in the virtual world, you will find a breath of fresh air in the form of QuirkyByte. They offer their viewer a feel-good factor by strengthening themselves as a reputed source of entertainment discovery and exciting news bytes.


There is simply a line of control followed at QuirkyByte 'Don't do to others, what you don't want to be done to yourself". They have been impressively neat in carrying a casual yet focused environment with a scope to do anything as pleased, in limits, while the deadlines remain unhampered.

Under promise, over deliver. Growth and benefits may relish by meeting monthly targets and co-existing cordially with the colleagues. They have a data-driven appraisal system that works on formulating effectively in monitoring who is a catalyst and who is a bottleneck.


Apart from the usual quantity and quality of work, people do in the organization, helping hands receive awards. In a media firm often the content goes online as soon as received, the value goes down if the content is any late.  At times, the task delays due to the unavailability of the person responsible, they keep a track who volunteers to do the job and reward accordingly. They maintain an admin only record for pro-social behavior, which is visible in appraisals.

In a creative network, continuous inflow of innovative ideas and peace of mind is significant. The focus is on developing calm, they have an in-house psychologist for counselling in case of need. Apart from usual work from home, flexible work hours, paid leaves, medical insurance QuirkyByte allows selection and exchange of work with peers, this work-play format enhances the creative strength.


Regular feedback sessions for employees take place in the company where employees discuss and seek help for improvement in their work. To bring efficiency they conduct micro training sessions to provide tools to solve their problem constructively.

They are a believer of Libertarian Paternalism; they do not dictate but rather go by certain set guidelines to practice equally by all in the organization. We do not interfere in our employees' choices unless their actions are not causing any harm or discomfort to peers. Objectionable behavior stands discussed, if not changed, there is provision for punishment and termination.


Going to work is far more rewarding if it is fun, the monotony was never a good idea anyway. While the hiring process is on, we discuss the candidate's interests as well, to try to fit them with people with a higher prospect of comprehension.

At QuirkyByte, they believe in appreciating a task well performed. However, they also make sure that other team members do not feel left out, so the reward is for either all or none. This is imperative for team building and they do give significant importance to social validation and appreciation. Social outings happen to like going out for movies or organizing small gatherings to occasionally enjoy a game of Jenga and grab drinks. At QB, passion is work, work is passion and every member of the family feels the same.


Often when something goes wrong most of the people have the tendency to point fingers. This is an inappropriate behavior, which gives rise to conflict, and instead of focusing on remedial actions, people often go in a downward spiral. However, at QB, they attribute success as well as failure to the whole organization not to a single individual. No pointing of fingers is encouraged, instead of utilizing time on 'who did this' the energy is used on 'how to solve this now'.


On average day employees do not spend more than 7 hours in the office, you will find some employees coming to the office at 1:00 PM and leaving by 5:00 PM. The job is very target driven with no interference with working style or working timings. With time, when people develop mastery over their work, and have figured out an efficient working style, work-life balance actually balances toward leisure more.


Earlier QuirkyByte prioritized candidates based on the skill set they carry and that is one mistake, many startups do. Now what they prioritize in a candidate is Intellectual and Social humility with honesty and dedication. They hire people who are not full of themselves, who can accept that there is more to learn and another person is as valuable as they are, teaching skills is easy but not humility.


QuirkyByte has managed innovation in process efficiency. The business is traditional, there is a blog, people read the blog and blog earns through advertising. However, they follow a very rigorous hiring process and hire who has a very strong grasp over content, which helps us stand above the crowd. Apart from that since their team is in India and they take care of the tech, they operate in 40% less cost than competitors. It is by micromanaging numerous otherwise ignored things and continues psychological & data-driven mutations in a process that are profitable in the industry.


There are three departments at QB i.e. Marketing, Content and Quality Assurance and work is high interrelated. Whenever one dept. does not perform the result is visible on KPIs, there are inter-group meetings to discuss openly what expectation exists from another department. If a new idea pops, the decision is unanimous, they do not move forward unless all the misunderstanding stay sorted.


QuirkyByte has a number of feathers in the cap, Dynamic Business of the Year by Economic Times and Franchise India at NSME Awards, Young Entrepreneur of the Year to CEO ADITYA GOEL by Worldwide Impact Awards at Russian Embassy, Best Digital Content Distributor for QuirkyByte by Talentrack and Ernst & Young and more.


In the media industry, everyone has the content eventually, whereas a media company survives on being the one who presents it more engagingly and the one with Omni-channel presence.

QuirkyByte focuses on higher content quality approach; they invest in higher user retention on social platforms primarily Facebook and Instagram. They also are moving towards an app-based approach to reach directly to users negating the third party and lastly taking in account Indian content as well to stand against the foreign competition by developing a niche for the target audience.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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