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Mandeep Kaur - CEO

Mandeep Kaur - CEO

Variation Compusolution

In recent years, the staffing industry in India has undergone tremendous growth. Staffing firms play an important role in business sustainability by providing temporary or permanent employees to fill staffing needs and offering a flexible workforce solution.

They also offer a pool of pre-screened and qualified candidates, allowing businesses to quickly find the right person for the job, effectively reducing the time and costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training employees.

Additionally, staffing firms often provide payroll, benefits, and HR support, allowing businesses to outsource these administrative tasks and focus on their core business activities.

With a sound background in IT and ITes recruitment services, Variation Compusolution is a leading service provider showcasing progressive growth in Global Staffing and Management Consulting industry.

Variation Compusolution enables HR to deliver business-oriented services to support the organisation’s business strategies more effectively.

Mission, Vision And Values

Variation Compusolution has set the core focus on the dynamic nature of the global business to continually transform a business entity into a high-performing and relevant to employee growth. VC is helping to develop and nurture a knowledge-management regime to work in line with transaction and delivery.

Variation Compusolution has evolved with time, but organisational development has been one thing they have been actively working on since its founding.

They are actively focused on conducting specific intervention exercises along with the team to understand and resolve individual/group-level Organisational Development issues.

The team at Variation Compusolution understands and partners with businesses on HOS-related Organisational Development metrics and collaborates with leaders to drive actions.

Mandeep Kaur, CEO, Variation Compusolution

A successful entrepreneur and recruiting professional with a proven track record of exceeding goals, Mandeep Kaur, is a woman of many virtues. An epitome of leadership, during her career, Mandeep has served senior roles in HR, including HR head positions at multiple corporates.

Possessing excellent people skills, reflected best in her robust network and connections, Mandeep incepted Variation Compusolution in 2017 with a vision of providing the best talent with the right skills to IT companies.

At present, she holds the position of CEO at Variation Compusolution, managing overall strategic direction, making key decisions, and ensuring the success of the company.

Along with the Variation Compusolution team, Mandeep proactively facilitates and plans for organisation design and restructuring based on current business needs as a consultant with the organisational development COE.

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Key Services Offered By Variation Compusolution

Variation Compusolution helps IT companies improve their performance by providing the best staffing services.

The team starts by assessing the company’s requirements and proving the best possible match from their pool of pre-verified candidates, effectively reducing the costs for the company while increasing their efficiency.

The goal is to help the company achieve its objectives, remain competitive, and grow over the long term. Variation Compusolution is a team of successful professionals with 15 years of diverse industry experience in the areas of

  • People Management - CXO Hiring

  • Global Human Capital Strategy

  • Global Managed Solutions

  • Global Workforce Planning

  • Independent Consulting IC / Statement of Work SOW

  • Managed Service Providers MSP

  • Vendor Management Solutions VMS

  • Complex Contract Negotiations.

Driving Success Through Change Management And Expertise

Variation Compusolution assists clients with change management and helps implement winning strategies to achieve their goals. The team focuses on developing top-notch knowledge transfer, manpower data analytics skills and fostering constant growth.

By recruiting the best talent, they aim to take a global approach to their work and continue growing rapidly, becoming international leaders in IT staffing.

The talent engagement experts at Variation Compusolution generate innovative, award-winning ideas daily. Their analytics expertise enhances organisations’ capabilities, while the leadership development team helps them attain improved results.

With offices in India, UK, USA & Canada, Variation Compusolution serves clients globally, including fortune 500 companies, some of the largest companies and skilled institutions.

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Variation Compusolution’s Take On The Pandemic

The impact of covid 19 pandemic was devastating for the business industry. With major operations shut, hiring abruptly stopped, and the staffing industry experienced a downfall.

However, as the businesses adapted to the remote working model, there was a sudden rise in hiring, and companies heavily relied on firms providing staffing solutions to provide the right candidates.

Variation Compusolution, too, faced a slowdown, but with their distinctive staffing solutions, they soon managed to overcome it.

The highly expertise team of Variation Compusoltion communicated and guided the implementation of global HR programs and worked to ensure the programs’ alignment with the business’s or function’s priorities and goals.

They managed to deliver HR programs within the business or function while conducting quantitative and qualitative financial and workforce data analyses to support these activities.

Representing the needs of the business or function on an ongoing basis, the team maintains consistent plans between HR and the business.

As a leader in the IT staffing industry, Variation Compusolution partners with HR leaders on priority projects that support organisation-wide transformation and Talent Development initiatives.

Future Outlook

The team at Variation Compusolution is working on projects which are supporting the organisation-wide transformation and Talent Development initiatives.

In the next five years, the team aims to achieve a few milestones, including demonstrating HR knowledge of organisational development, alignment of organisational processes, systems and culture with key business priorities, designing optimal organisational structures, understanding the organisation and cultural needs and driving change management.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mandeep Kaur - CEO </p></div>
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