Saga Global Consultants: providing cost-effective solutions to the Hydrocarbon Industry globally

Saga Global Consultants: providing cost-effective solutions to the Hydrocarbon Industry globally

Saga Global Consultants: providing cost-effective solutions to the Hydrocarbon Industry globally

Think tanks go way long back in history if we are to dig its roots. Modern forms of think tanks can look for the Fabian society in Britain. Their work is in different areas such as energy, politics, technology, military, strategy, policy etc. In the case of technology and engineering, think tanks play a substantial role in ensuring smooth operations. Engineering design can be one of the most imperative parts of an engineering project. SAGA Global Consultants (SAGA) is also engaged in the design, detailed engineering, project management services for process plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, oil/gas storage & distribution terminals across the globe.

SAGA has consulting experience in managerial, technical and support services spread across the globe. SAGA is a pioneer, and trusted brand across the Oil Industry and a partner in value creation and client's growth. Saga Global Consultants is a globally preferred knowledge consortium, providing best-in-class services in the energy and related sectors. They are a group of specialists/ experts from flagship national oil companies in the Hydrocarbon sector.

It is utmost important that India must provide services to various countries abroad in the Petroleum sector. Establishing a new landmark, the firm has set-up a terminal in West Africa at a cost of US $ 12 million. With an American / European company, the cost would have been higher by at least 2 to 3 times.

How the company has maintained its momentum?

SAGA is a Single Window Organization to render expert Technical, Managerial and Human Resource Services in the upstream as well as downstream sectors on a global basis.

  • To provide global companies with highly skilled Human Resources who have hands-on experience of working in petroleum sector.
  • To take up Technical and Management consultancy projects.
  • To offer Training & Development services

To remain relevant, one has to maintain momentum.In order to ensure that we focus on three key issues:

  • We have developed cost effective Engineering and Project Management solutions for the Hydrocarbon sector
  • The revival of Sick Assets (Refineries, Marginal fields etc.)
  • Operation / Maintenance of Oil/Gas Assets

Unique Strengths

  • Strong domain knowledge of the complete hydrocarbon and related sector.
  • Large diversely qualified pool of skilled professionals.
  • Built on a solid foundation of sustainable capacity building.
  • Unique pool of expertise
  • Experience of successfully implementing End – to – End solutions.

What are the challenges that your company currently faces?

Our foremost challenge is to consolidate the knowledge base on a continuous and perpetual basis. Advances in technology have had an incredible impact on project management.

We want focus on how technology can be integrated with project management process for higher productivity.

What makes you stand apart?

Our solutions and soling the unique problem of client

We have implemented and provided Project Management solutions for Petroleum Terminals, Aviation Fuel facilities, LPG Plants as per International norms and standards. SAGA's niche is to enter countries with growing economies, to make a difference and provide world-class solutions at cost-effective prices. Our services are quite different, and reasonable than our competitors and the personalized service provides an edge to it.

Dynamic Leadership


Sudhir Kumar Jain, a graduate in mechanical engineering from the prestigious Punjab engineering college. He also holds a postgraduate qualification in Management and law. Sudhir is an Industry veteran, during his hitherto journey, he held various functions like operations management, Project Management, Corporate Planning, Materials Management, and Human Resources. In his forty decades of long career, Sudhir held key positions that include Executive Chairman, Petroleum India International (PII) & Executive Director, BPCL. He is also a recipient of several National and International accolades and awards in the Oil and Gas sector: Best Export Award – FIEO; Asia HRD Congress Award – SMR (2006); Oceantex 2006 Leadership and Excellence Award; Oceantex 2008 Innovation Award; India's Greatest Leaders 2017-18

The Road Ahead

We want to grow and that too exponentially.Our experts expect the firm to grow at 30% each year over the next five years. Currently, we have a presence in around 25 countries and constantly endeavoring to expand our reach to 45 countries in the next five years. The future of SAGA rests on its willingness to experiment, pushing in new and untested directions, thinking in uncommon ways and taking calculated risks.We are gearing ourselves to new challenges in developing specific innovative products for Oil & Gas such as RCM, LOTO, E-learning modules, Learning from Incidents etc. SAGA's niche is to enter countries with growing economies, to make a difference and provide world-class solutions at cost effective prices. SAGA cherishes the mantra of knowledge imperative for sustained growth through customer delight, enhanced market share and continuous product innovation. The ultimate goal is to become a global hub of training and consultancy for the Oil & Gas industry.

How did you motivate everyone?

Values have been an integral part of all our members and are something which motivates us.

Ours key 'Values' as: Care for customers; Excellence; Talented members; and Innovation.

  • Care for Customers: They are the reason SAGA exists. The primary focus of SAGA's efforts is to understand what adds greatest value to the customer, as also adapt, change and reinvent, on need basis. SAGA believes in expanding base of loyal customers, with speed and a quality of response that surpasses the competition.
  • Excellence: SAGA focuses on policies where people produce consistently superior performances and are committed to best-practice standards
  • Talented Members: SAGA's members defy easy categorisation and each brings something unique to the business. The commonality in all the members is their passion for Oil/Gas industry, their 'can-do' attitude and a pioneering spirit that shines through in everything they do. The greatest strength is diversity of cultures and experience across the team.
  • Innovation: The future of SAGA rests on its willingness to experiment, push in new and untested directions, think in uncommon ways and take calculated risks.

Tell us your approach towards change

The Oil & Gas industry is always in a state of transition. The fluctuation in oil prices, structural shifts in demand and supply trends, the evolving regulations on sulphur cap in fuels, the possible repeal of the crude export ban in the US are just some of the numerous industry trends that add risk to this sector. SAGA strives to constantly upgrade and customize its solutions to exceed the expectation of most demanding clients.

The strategy employed to deal with change is to have a multi-disciplinary team led by industry stalwarts/specialists together with supported from young team members. The specialists share their best practices in the petroleum industry and ensure that young staff is suitably groomed. This approach helps young staff develop skills, knowledge and attitude to deal with management and technological challenges.


We have a very diverse range of clients. However, we primarily deal with International Oil Companies / National Oil Companies / Oil Majors, and Private Oil Companies. "Once a client, always our client" is not only the firm's motto but also the underlying principle and philosophy. Any company which has been our client in the past ten years continue to be our client even today.

Piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs

Operation & Maintenance of Oil & Gas assets has an existing global business of US $ 10 billion. This business is at a very nascent stage in India currently. Any budding entrepreneur must focus on this area which is not yet fully tapped. Give every learner the knowledge that the industry requires to efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, safely do their job.

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