Conexus Social Responsibility Services Creates tailored CSR programs for Corporate Houses and Foundations

Conexus Social Responsibility Services Creates tailored CSR programs for Corporate Houses and Foundations

Conexus Social Responsibility Services Creates tailored CSR programs for Corporate Houses and Foundations

Corporate philanthropy has increased over five fold in recent times in India, partly fueled by the 2014 Companies Act which insists that companies allocate 2% of their profits into the social development sector for the country. Given the enormous shift towards CSR, the question for corporations is not whether to engage in CSR but to find the best possible way forward. At the same time, it is of critical importance to craft programs that reflect a company's business values and address social, humanitarian and environmental challenges. Yet most enterprises lack the knowledge and especially, implementation measures of CSR based programs. Conexus Social Responsibility Services (CSRS) provides a multitude of services to help corporate entities to fulfill their CSR intent on-ground.

CSRS is one of the leading CSR solutions company in India with a track record of close to five years in the social development sector. Since the time of inception, the company's prime objective has been to develop meaningful CSR programs with measureable output and maximum impact on the identified stakeholders. With operations across the nation through a large network of partnerships, CSRS has been providing a variety of functions to support and weave varied motives underlying CSR and incorporate them as part of business strategy. This aims at bringing clarity and structure to the rationale of designing-implementing-measuring-reporting of social initiatives.

Assuring positive social impact, CSRS ensures that a corporate entity gains certain affirmative environmental influence from resources invested in CSR. This begins from crafting the organizational CSR vision which upholds stakeholder needs and promises stakeholder satisfaction through using the right frameworks, systems and tools to make the process more efficient and impactful through a time bound engagement.

With an aim to bring differentiated high quality services to the CSR sector, Manish Handa conceptualized Conexus Social Responsibility Services in 2012 with a vision to become the most respected, uniquely positioned leading social enterprise in the chosen areas or specialty verticals in India with distinct value based characteristic. Though Mr, Handa has a degree in aeronautical engineering and is a licensed pilot, he brings with him his management skills providing an additional edge and additional value to the team. Under his aegis, Conexus has gained momentum building the portfolio of clients to its present list.

Mr. Handa consistently strives to achieve the Company's financial and operating goals and objectives monitoring and reporting the Company's performance and compliance imperatives to the board.

From Idea to Impact, Conexus has developed a whole range of services that helps a corporate entity ideate its CSR vision and mission which sets the ball rolling in developing the vertical:

CSR Strategy and Program

Defining and customizing the company CSR policy leads to a unique vision and mission that outlines the core values that set the goals and targets for the program initiatives based on the belief that an enterprise can survive, sustain its growth, and contribute to society only if it consistently aligns its core values and operational responsibilities with its social responsibilities. An important aspect to defining the organizational strategy is that it builds the road map for the way ahead along with aligning with existing CSR initiatives creating a functional structure for successful implementation of programs.

Planning and Implementation

Through strategy development, program planning along with implementation strategies are designed to identify and map key stakeholders necessary for the desired causes. Further information is gathered through various on-ground focused assessments that are essential for building the primary foundation. A key aspect for program building that CSRS maintains as an important aspect for successful implementation is the identification and involvement of key stakeholders within the design along with engagement with audited service providers and experts for better and effective execution of the project.

Monitoring and Reporting

An important aspect of the success of any CSR program can be measured by the impact of the program through set targets and goals. Measurement of the process along with evaluations of the processes involved provides support towards successful goal achievement. CSRS utilizes specialized tools and mechanisms to monitor progress, facilitate internal and external review visits and provide periodic progress reports to map the journey. To further aid the success of the program, timebound impact assessments are conducted to understand the progress from the viewpoint of the stakeholders and other key personnel.

Specialized Services

Along with direct implementation of programs, CRSR has also developed specific and dedicated services which support the in-house CSR teams of corporate houses to provide a third party expert opinion and information. This is essential as it provides necessary data from an objective and critical viewpoint for further refining of on-ground programs along with identification of vulnerabilities and /or risk factors. Social feasibility studies, 3rd party project evaluation along with CSR training programs are some of the additional capabilities of CSRS. Employee engagements at an individual, group and organizational level is another aspect of CSRS's ability to involve human resources to make a difference in the overall program design along with providing a social experience in a structured manner.

CSRS believes in creating an effective CSR program through their involvement which leads to:

  • Enriched Communities
  • Efficient Processes
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Engaged Stakeholders
  • Enhanced Brand Image

Present programs: CSRS has the capability and capacity to manage programs across any location in the nation which is evident in the current projects managed by the organization. Rural communities in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Goa, UP along with urban settlements in and around New Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai are the sites where CSRS is present through its implementation teams. Some of the programs implemented by CSRS are mobile heath care project in Goa which has GPS-enabled smart mobile vans, sanitation program involving installation of environment friendly bio-toilets, agriculture and water related programs, rural community development programs etc.

The clientele of the company belongs to the pharmaceutical (Sanofi Aventis, Blue Cross Labs, ACG), automobile (Hyundai, CEAT, EICHER), manufacturing and engineering (Greaves Cotton, Raychem-RPG, HPPL), utilities (JSW Energy, Tata Power) sectors along with foundations like RPG and JSW. Headquartered in Mumbai, with the team of specialists and professionals, CSRS has fifteen core employees with a collective experience of over 50 years in the social development sector.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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