Engagebay – All-In-One Marketing & Sales CRM

Engagebay – All-In-One Marketing & Sales CRM

Engagebay – All-In-One Marketing & Sales CRM

To build a strong and successful business, solid customer and client relationship is vital. However, the process of building these solid customer and client relationship can be a bit complex; this is where good CRM software plays a significant role. A CRM software solution offers a centralized database where the business can get the all the information about their potential as well as existing customers like recent purchases, current transactions, previous interactions and many more with few clicks. With the help of a CRM, a business can work more efficiently and can optimize the workflow when it comes to interacting with customers or clients. Every business must understand the true purpose of a CRM software solution.

If you are running your business without CRM software then this is the high time to invest in one because if you don't then you might soon get out of business. Even if you are a small business owner or just entered into the startup world then implementing CRM can give you an edge over your competition. One of the best CRM that enhance your organizational processes is EngageBay All-in-One Suite.

What Is EngageBay

It is a simple yet affordable all-in-one CRM that can automate your marketing processes. This platform is specially designed for small business and start-ups so they can obtain, connect, look after their visitors and convert them into happy customers. EngageBay will help you to gain leads through popups and lead generation forms, creating an attractive landing page to engage with visitors, following them up by engaging emails and automating the sales funnel through marketing automation. In a nutshell, EngageBay will help you to scale up your business.

Sales, marketing and other service activities are integrated by EngageBay into one platform. Many experts believe that this is the perfect substitute to other CRM solutions as it allows you to automate organizational processes and daily tasks which help you to save time that you can use to scale up your business.

Its feature includes:

  • Email marketing
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Live chat
  • Marketing automation

All the above-mentioned features are integrated into a dashboard with a user-friendly interface.

The main aim of EngageBay is to capture and engage with website visitors to generate leads that can be converted into lifelong customers by coordinating correctly. Several internal processes that take a lot of time like scheduling, managing contacts, deal pipeline, and an assignable tasks feature can be automated by EngageBay. Therefore, along with more interesting features, you can manage your key organizational processes in a single user interface. The CRM module of EngageBay has service tools like Customer Feedback, Ticketing, Helpdesk, and Knowledge Base among others on the top of that, CRM processes can also be automated. Physical work is reduced to a minimum and you can focus on the main task.

It is a complete web-based and a great alternative to high-end software solution. Every company be it a startup or big corporation can implement this software because it offers different versions for different budgets. The free plan of EngageBay already has a decent amount of features but the only limitation is that you cannot have more than 1000 contacts and 1000 branded emails. After upgrading to a basic plan you will get more features with 15000 contacts and 10000 branded emails.

Benefits of EngageBay

  1.     Multiple features in a single interface

EngageBay has every tool in its arsenal that can effectively help you to reach out to the existing and potential customers, increase traffic and overall sales. Its features include lead management, funnel management, CRM, and more can smoothen and enhance your organizational process. EngageBay will also help you to expand your reach to your marketing campaigns so you can attract traffic to build customer relationship under one roof.

  1.     Under Your Budget

One of the best yet affordable sales and marketing software in the market is EngageBay that has the capabilities to boost your marketing automation, funnel management, lead management, CRM, and many others. Instead of having so many features loaded integrated into this platform, it is not that costly when compared to other leading sales and marketing solutions with a similar feature set. EngageBay is the best option for small businesses to automate their sales and marketing processes.

  1.     Easy to Use

One problem that almost every business faces while implanting a CRM is that these software are complicated and hard to understand. Well, EngageBay is easy to use software that does not require a lot of technical knowledge. Yes, you need to get used to this software but it doesn't present much of a challenge.

Problem Solved By EngageBay

  1.     Data Leaks

In the process of lead generation, sometimes data might get lost which means that sales teams doesn't have the transparency of how the lead was generated.  This will result in negative customer experience as the sales team has to do it over to win the existing customer. EngageBay can solve this problem as all the data is stored at a single platform and every team will be able to see the history of any customer. This will help them to use past information and create the funnel accordingly.

  1.     Incomplete customer information

EngageBay allows you to combine any customer profile with all their information on a single screen. The same information will be shared across teams through the same source so that the sales team doesn't have to start from scratch. They can simply fill the customer profile from the lead generation platform as it will be helpful not just for sales but also for after-sales services.

  1.     Generating Leads for growing businesses

EngageBay has features that can capture the website visitors and their data organically. You can also engage with your potential customer through popups and forms. All this will help you to automate the lead generation process and increase efficiency. Therefore, this software will not only help you to generate leads but also convert them into loyal customers.

Awards & Quality Certificates

  1. Expert's Choice Award by Finance Online
  2. Rising Star Award by Finance Online
  3. Great User Experience Award by Finance Online
  4. Supreme Software Award by Finance Online

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