Vikas Katoch is creating connectivity between brand and customer and resolving business problems with his unique solutions.

Warren Bennis famously said, "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality". Leaders are like are trailblazers, who make a path for others to follow. Vikas Katoch fits perfectly in this picture; as the CEO of Adomantra, he always inspires his people to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater. He is famous as an online video advertising guru.

Vikas is a champion in digital marketing and holds 18 years' of amazing experience in operations, digital sales, and marketing. He took the foundation of Adomantra with a vision to do something out of the box. He is a renowned Marketing and Business Development professional with exceptional expertise and knowledge in business transformation, sales, brand strategy, and product marketing. His unparalleled concept tackles the challenges of the industry ensuring strategic alignment for sustainable growth and value creation. In academic, Vikas did MSC from Punjab Technical University and BSC from Maharshi Dayanand Sarswati University.

Vikas's strength lies in the wide professional network which has its influence PAN India and to some extent now in the APAC countries too. His unique asset lies in his exceptional relationship management skills which have performed a huge role in expanding his eventful career. Adomantra is another feather in his cap. With his committed vision and constant endeavours, the company is transcending on a path of persistent growth and enrichment with the onset of two new verticals-Adotrip and Adotoon, ready to mark footprints in their specific arenas under the parent Company Adomantra Digital India Pvt. Ltd, reaching to a new level altogether.

Today, Adomantra is delivering the best services through its highly innovative programmatic approach under the dynamic leadership of  Katoch. The company encourages clients to understand what their target audience wants and help them attain optimum business results with the right engaging solutions. Vikas's aim as CEO of the company is to broaden the company's offerings. He is continually introducing unique solutions and these moves have spurred impressive growth in Adomantra.

In this edited conversation with TCM editor Puja Bhardwaj, Vikas talks in-depth about how he measured the success path of Adomantra and supporting the community with his unique approach.

Share an overview of the company and its offerings

Our journey initiated from being an advertisement solution to a complete 360-degree digital marketing company within less than a decade now. We are a tech-driven company which focuses on enhancing the user experience by bringing variations to our services and customizing as per the requirements of the brands associated. We are proficient enough to serve 300 million + impression reach to our clients every month. Not just that, we are currently working with 4 thousand+ premium publishers.

To stay relevant and updated with changing times, Adomantra is looking for profitable expansion with the onset of two new verticals – Adotrip and Adotoon. Adotrip is advancement towards sharing the best of travel information to the end consumer as per their requirement uniquely and effectively. This is backed by integrating information with AI-driven technology that holds it stand apart and uprest in this competitive market. Adotrip is a clear example of consumer experience lifecycle wherein a user once visits the website takes away the detailed information and leaves behind their relished stories in the form of blogs and pictures clicked and thereon. On the other hand, Adotoon is a trustworthy and secure entertainment platform for kids providing clean visual content which helps them grow and learn in a fun way.

What gives you an edge over your competitors?

I believe the exceptional expertise we have at the technology front is what gives us an edge. It provides us an ability to rope in the seamless delivery of new ventures. It keeps adding to our experience portfolio as a team and as an organization. Proceeding ahead in our progressive journey at Adomantra we are nowhere in the market to give enhanced user experience to our revered travelers through our travel information portal called Adotrip. Soon, we will introduce the print version of Adotrip. The thought of doing something out of the box and breaking conventions is what drives us.

How do you ensure unbreakable faith of your clients?

We are a B2B marketing company servicing brands across numerous verticals. The reason is threefold-Transparency, Knowledge, and Team Engagement. We have been pretty consistent with our approach, and we have always brought something exciting on the table for our patrons and sponsors. We work towards bringing the right business results for the brands associated with us. And that's how we ensure unbreakable faith from our valued customers.

Do you think this is the appropriate time to be working in the digital marketing industry?

Digital Marketing has a wider outreach, today. Due to increased awareness among people, digital platforms are more visible and reachable. The prospects it carries are remarkable. It offers exciting opportunities to people simultaneously introducing them to innovative technologies and strategies to explore.

The trends keep changing in the market, how do you keep up?

The growing trends in the current digital scenario are Audio, Video, OTT, and Online Gaming. SMS and texts are being replaced by audio messages; Google's voice search made quite a revolution a few years ago. Whatsapp and Messenger are fairly popular with their audio-based services. Digital media streaming and OTT have changed the way people are consuming content all over the world.

How do you ensure a smooth infusion of technology with your business?

We are living in an age of Smart Connected Things where devices come embedded with processors, software and digital tech. In our tech-driven lineup, some of our services include Geo-Targeting for Location-based ads; Behavioural Targeting for identifying target audiences with similar interests; and Demographics targeting.

Using Connected Technology and adding new products to our range of services helps maintain originality. Also, using Social Media platforms to launch new technology is a good way to stay connected with our audience. AI-driven tech will be a dominating factor shortly, especially for digital marketing companies. Not just that, there are many other variables like Data Science, Video Technology, etc. And, we are already using them to serve our clients helping them attain result-driven solutions for their brands.

How do you feel has the industry transformed over the years?

Government's initiatives Digitize India, Aadhaar Enabled payment system, and the DigiDhan Abhiyaan have made significant advances in the industry. These efforts along with competitive prices of telecom services and raising awareness of the users have considerably upped the internet user base in India. The advent of 4G has hooked everyone to the web constantly. These developments have transformed the digital landscape at a tremendous rate. The industry does have a vast impact on user's lives. And today, when we talk about digital marketing, it is based on some hard-core facts like innovation, analytics, metrics and making the brands more human i.e. making them user-centric.

What digital marketing trends do you see dominating the landscape soon?

I believe two platforms-Video and Audio will bring tremendous changes in the industry in the years to come. There have been continued enhancements to them among numerous verticals. Social Media will remain to rein the market for the next 5 years.  And, Video Advertising and AI will dominate the future digital marketing trends.

 What is your experience working with clients, outside agencies, freelancers or else?

Stable connections and new collaborations are essential to keep up the pace with the ever-growing and fast-evolving digital ecosystem. So far it has been a glorious journey, and we thank our patrons from every sphere whether they are our clients, or outside agencies or even freelancers; each one of them has contributed their fair bit of support to us. We are always up for new collaborations and partnerships.

What challenges is the company facing at present?

Since, we are expanding our horizons both at the micro-level as well as at the macro-level by marking our feet globally too. The only challenge that the company is facing as of now is the inter- cultural understanding amongst its members at both the ends and to work in unison meeting the objective of the company.

What ethos is maintained for the employees in your company?

Yes, it is crucial for any company to build a healthy company culture and ethos. As an organization, we believe that we need to stick together, and the factors which can bind any company in the thread of mutual respect are its mission, vision, ethics, and expectations of the employees from the organization. We always strive to create a positive and inclusive work culture within the organization which encourages the employees to perform diversely and elegantly.

What are the milestones and achievements to your credit?

In a very short period, we get connected with Fortune companies like BMW and Renault, and some extremely famous brands like Ola, Nerolac, Asian Paints, Axis Bank, Nature Fresh, Marico to name a few. And the experience of dealing with these conglomerates has supported us to acquire things and thrive as an organization in a very salubrious manner flashing us to new business frontiers. 

In 5 years from now, what do you believe the company would have accomplished?

We are flourishing on two distinct verticals- Adotrip and Adotoon. With the onset of these frontiers, we are driving to be one of the most reliable companies dealing in multiple verticals generating more and better job opportunities for the people and become a fortune company.

"Bringing in new talent and exchanging innovative ideas changes everything. This is something which we have always believed in and will continue to do so and perhaps that is what sets us apart from the rest of the competition"-  Katoch.

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