TranzLease: A pioneer who is shifting the gears of automobile leasing services for the Indian car buyer with its ‘Intelligent Leasing’

TranzLease: A pioneer who is shifting the gears of automobile leasing services for the Indian car buyer with its ‘Intelligent Leasing’

TranzLease: A pioneer who is shifting the gears of automobile leasing services for the Indian car buyer with its 'Intelligent Leasing'

"If it is right, then do it; imagine the future, define it and deliver it today."

The preceding mantra is the reminiscence of Anindya Chakraborty's whole journey as an entrepreneur. A re-inventor of corporate automobile leasing services, Anindya's heart beats for two things; automobiles and finance. Back in 2006, when he was chairing as the Deputy CEO of a leading lease company (in Turkey), his entrepreneurial spirit brought him back to the motherland where he set up one of India's leading providers of automobile leasing services to Corporate India, TranzLease. The organization's 12-year old journey in revitalizing corporate automobile leasing services is humongous. From a single-client-single-city (Mumbai) operation to nurturing over 100 clients with a pan India presence, TZL made its entrance in a business environment which was monopolized by global leasing players backed up with very strong financials. Innovations in products along with pricing transparency and ability to tailor the lease to suit the palate of the Indian car consumer have been the hallmarks of TZL. On its mission to craft a 360-degree automotive lifestyle for the Indian car buyer, TZL has crafted its expertise to create financial savings, remove various kinds of risk and provide a hassle-free & trouble-free car experience for the consumers to enjoy.

One Stop Shop for delivering quality and satisfaction with the car at their doorsteps

Purchasing of a vehicle, in today's world, is a complex game including plenty of brainstorming to factor all the needs and scouting the market sources for getting the right mix- the right car manufacturer, the right financier, the right insurance company and so on and so forth. TZL assembles all these requisites under a single roof as customized flexible structures that are just perfect for the consumer. With the evolving car ownership model consumers are waking up to the fact that buying a car means investing in a depreciating asset and is bereft of any of the flexibilities that a consumer will want to have.  Options like Ola/Uber (short-term usage), self-drive, ride-share etc. are being favored, contributing to the emerging trend of leasing the car instead of buying it. Lease of the car, in short, is paying for usage but with all benefits of personal ownership along with savings in cash outflow and added qualitative benefits where everything for your car including insurance and full tenor maintenance is taken care of under the lease – the consumer just enjoys the drive.

TZL provides passenger cars on operating lease basis to corporate clients who in turn sustain such vehicles for their employees as part of the overall remuneration structure – such lease is inclusive of the entire automotive lifecycle management chain i.e. TZL services cover car choice advice, procurement, financing, insuring, maintaining and up to final disposal of the car. To the consumer, TZL creates a single window 360-degree automotive solution, which caters in detail to every aspect of car usage and car life cycle.

The Team

At TZL the work culture is knowledgeable, open and innovative. Team members are referred to as family members and team-work is given highest prominence – this is implemented in practice through a workflow platform which allows every member to put up their views, discussions etc. on a real-time basis for everybody to share – this allows an open dialogue and often throws up simple solutions to complex problems. The culture is also to inculcate a feeling of leadership – it is said that if TZL provides something to someone, it should be really appreciated by the audience. This creates a drive and a pride in performance and hard work. TZL's hiring plans are circled around sales force or as the company calls, car consultants and fleet management division. The organization is looking ahead to tune up its human resource strength significantlyin the near future.


  • Top notch client profile (with almost no major client loss in 10 years)
  • Product Leader and Product Innovator reputation
  • 3 rounds of foreign investments to date
  • Channel partnership with all car manufacturers
  • Strategic tie up in 2017-18 with one of the topmost NBFCs in India
  • Extremely robust and futuristic tech platform with certification for ISO, BCP etc

Expansion Binge

Despite its presence in an industry which is nascent in India TZL is all geared up to expand aggressively not only in the corporate lease space but for the retail Indian car buyers too. The organization will soon be launching a first-of-its-kind "Multi-Brand Personal Car Lease" directly to the individual Indian car buyer in India. Additionally, TZL has invested substantially in technology through a full-fledged in-house software division. The entire operation of the Company is completely digitized and it is the only company which provides its customers with Personal Online Car account through which the entire vehicle & lease lifecycle can be managed. Currently, the Company is undergoing a pivotal transformation and is strategically stepping into its 2nd start-up phase which will witness the launch of a completely different range of products in the market aimed at the retail consumer. With substantial changes in the dynamics of how to use a car TZL's products being launched are just the need of the day – from ownership oriented leasing to usage oriented personal car lease the aim is to change the way Indians buy their cars.TZL management believes that 10 years of challenging but successful operations in association with various constituents of the car ecosystem and dealing day in day out with employees of top most companies in India has given it the required insight and expertise to offer the products of the future within a fast changing global mobilityspace.

Road Ahead

Anindya throws some light on TZL's future roadmap, "The car lease product is definitely very popular in many of the developed countries – in India, the thought pattern is changing fast; also the holding period of cars is coming down (from erstwhile 7 to 10 years to 3 to 4 years); consumers are realizing that for depreciating assets it is better to pay for use rather than pay to own. TZL lease products do exactly that and the conviction level at TZL is very high with respect to consumer adoption of its services/products. As a professional, a promoter and as a CEO I always believe to engage in that which really attracts me – automobiles, since I was a kid has been an area of immense interest and thus auto leasing as a business is natural to me and inculcates my inner passion for cars. To develop products and to deliver dream cars to the consumer is an experience I enjoy each time."

"In a few years, we would like to position ourselves as a one stop cost effective solution in the mind of any Indian consumer who is looking for his next car. Today around 3 million new passenger cars are sold per year in India and the industry itself is expected to have a high CAGR of around 8% to 10% – of the new cars sold, around 75% is through the auto loan route. At TZL, the ambition is to create an ecosystem such that around 8% to 10% of the Indian auto loan market shifts to leasing per year."

The Founder's Periscope

Anindya Chakraborty

Founder, MD & CEO

With a seasoned experience of two decades in automobile leasing, technology architecture, investment banking & corporate finance, Anindya's core expertise lies in developing ideas into structured products that suit the customer needs; he is passionate about automobiles & technology development is a focus area for him. Anindya started his career with PwC and subsequently moved to ME as part of KPMG Corporate Finance. Post KPMG he moved to TII, a boutique investment house as Partner M&A focusing on setting up and acquisition of consumer finance and fleet leasing companies across MENA region. Anindya then structured the acquisition of the 3rd largest leasing company in Turkey & moved to Istanbul as deputy CEO for the acquired co. A charismatic leader of people he currently heads the Company activities as MD/CEO.

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