Gaia Smart Cities’ transformational IOT based Smart City Solutions herald the dawn of ‘Smart India’

Gaia Smart Cities’ transformational IOT based Smart City Solutions herald the dawn of ‘Smart India’

Gaia Smart Cities' transformational IOT based Smart City Solutions herald the dawn of 'Smart India'

The evolution of Internet of Things (IOT) as the 'third wave' in the headway of internet has gained a rapid pace in the global market.  The 'third wave' as rephrased by Steve Case, Co-founder of AOL, is, 'Internet of Everything', a concept which dictates that every aspect of our lives namely our ways of living, working and interacting with our environment are being entirely shaped by our access to internet. Undoubtedly, IOT has been hailed as a transformative trend and the new era in which a business' ability to succeed will be governed by its potential to adapt to and leveragethis trend. India has stepped onto the runway of positioning itself as hub of IOT solutions. As predicted by Deloitte, the IOT market in India is expected to achieve rapid growth within next five years; which will be driven by its adoption across multiple industry verticals.

Gaia Smart Cities, an internet of things (IOT) and digital automation solutions provider, has emerged as a pioneering leader in India's expeditiously risingIOT solutions market place. Established in June 2015, Gaia Smart Cities has exhibited its robust capabilities as an end to end IOT and digital automation solutions provider. The company has built a proprietarysuiteof innovative solutions for smart cities that blend real-time and remote sensing, metering, and tracking over a wide-area IOT network, with edge computing, analytics and rich data visualization and are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Gaia has successfully deployed its solutions in enterprise client segment in dairy, pharmaceutical, logistics, retail, and manufacturing industries, and in municipal and government client segment in multiple cities.

Gaia Smart Cities was co-founded byDr.Sumit D Chowdhury and Bipin Pradeep Kumar, along with a set of experienced professionals with expertise in innovation, product development, ICT and design. The team has establishedglobal thought leadership in technology and smart cities.Gaia brings together three concepts – internet of things, digital automation and wide-area communications – that have immensely impacted and reshaped our living. The Gaia teamis looking to leveragethe extensive potential of these concepts in transformingbusinesses and cities through interconnected intelligence. 

Unique Portfolio

Gaia offers anexclusive suite of smart solutions for enterprises and cities. The company has built proprietary, innovative and scalable solutions that integrate internet of things, industrial automation and digitalization. Gaia solutions bring together sensors, hardware, software and analytics on a cloud-based platform and allows businesses and cities to automate processes, track metrics and improve performance.

  • Smart City Solutions – Leading edge scalable solutions that blend information and communication technologies, operational technologies and internet of things with analytics and intuitive dashboards to enable cities to monitor, control, and improve public services and citizen engagement.Gaia offers solutions inSmart Water Metering & Infrastructure Management, Smart Utilities Metering & Infrastructure Management, Smart Sentiment Management, Smart E Governance and more.
  • Enterprise Solutions – Innovative solutions that bring together sensing, computing, machine learning and analytics technologies to enable businesses to monitor performance, improve operations, manage costs, strengthen loyalty, and increase velocity of business; Gaia offers solutions inIndustrial Automation & Process Control, Supply Chain Automation & Process Control and Asset Tracking

Gaia'sseasoned team of technologyleaders CIOs, strategy and operations experts, systems thinkers, experience designers and a network of expert partners help clients navigate their digital journeys and develop transformation plansby integrating OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology).These plans lead to conceptualizing and creating cutting edge wide-area solutions, with IoT at its core. 

Success Mantra

Internet of things and smart cities are an uncharted area where a lot of innovation is expected to happen in the coming years. While this sector is seeing the entry of many startups and large established firms, Gaia is emerging as a company to watch out for. It has already worked with many private sector and government clients. Gaia's key strengths encompass:

  • Proven leadership in delivering interconnected intelligence through new age digital technologies
  • Proven Capabilities in helping organizations enhancing operational efficiency and visibility substantially and improve velocity of business
  • Groundbreaking solutions that connect sensors, hardware, software and analytics on a cloud-based platform and allow businesses and cities to automate processes, track metrics and improve performance
  • A strong and accomplished team of experts and veterans with deep expertise in digital technologies, ICT and communications, design thinking and systems thinking to build unique solutions that solve severe urban and enterprise challenges
  • Intelligence knit systems to allow for easy customization to solve specific client needs

It is noteworthy that the company has already grabbed leading opportunities in the market as an early stage startup and established a strong foothold in the market place. Gaia has been funded byangel investors from India and abroad. The company isinvesting heavily in product development and innovation and is seeking further rounds of funding.

Major Milestones

Gaia has achieved many successes since its inception. As a technology expert, Gaia has worked with multiple cities on their smart cities plans. As a solutions and implementation expert, Gaia is already working with multiple other cities in smart city project management and implementation of IoT based networking and metering solutions. Gaia has workedwith Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) on developing aunique e-governance platform for Swachh Bharat Mission. It has run several smart water metering pilots in India.

Gaia's achievements as an IOT solutions provider have won several accolades. Within one year of its establishment, Gaia Smart Cities was recognized as 'Brand of the Year for IOT' by Silicon India. CIO Review listed the company in '20 Most Promising Internet of Things Providers in 2016'.  The company'sIOT and analytics based consumer sentiment product, Smart Sentiment Management won the 'Business World Social Innovation Product of the Year' award in 2016 while Smart Water Metering & Infrastructure Management, the IOT based remote sensing water meter product won the 'India Design Mark' award in 2017.

As India moves towards its vision ofimplementing Smart Cities, Gaia is aiming develop itsproducts, seek new customers, and solve old problems in a new way. 

The Inspiration behind the Success

Gaia brings together a unique team of experienced minds and curious young innovators, brilliant technologists and disruptive marketers, intuitive designers and systems thinkers. Gaia is a fluid holocracy of collaborative, entrepreneurial leaders creating a zero-friction work-life environment.

Gaia team is focused on sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Internet of Things. The team members have excellent educational backgrounds from some of the best technology and business institutions in India and around the world, and bring international and Indian experience in building products and businesses.

Gaia founder and CEO, Dr. Sumit D Chowdhury, isan entrepreneur, business leaderandurban design enthusiast.He is an international thought-leader on telecom, electronics and information systems and solutions for Smart Cities. He has led large, hyper-growth, multinational telecom and consulting companies in US, Australia & India and managed technology-based transformation of companies. His global experience has provided depth and breadth of roles to manage people, processes, finances, projects, technology, relationships, & governance. He is a Visiting Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University (USA) & Academic Advisor to UWS (Australia). He has served as the Program Director of Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Initiative) with the Ministry of Urban Development.Sumit is a graduate of IIT Kanpur followed by MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University.  He is the author of a bestselling career management book, 'Rules of the Game' published by Bloomsbury India on career management for youth, and is a motivational speaker with TedX and other platforms.

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